Want to Keep Your Aircraft in Top Condition? Invest in an Aviation Metal Building!
Nov 2019

Want to Keep Your Aircraft in Top Condition? Invest in an Aviation Metal Building!

Years ago, a range of different materials was used to construct aircraft structures, including concrete block, timber, and other materials. However, the ease and affordability of prefab steel airplane hangars and aviation buildings have made them a popular choice in recent years. On average, aviation steel buildings are less expensive per square foot while delivering superior, strong benefits than traditional building materials.

Aircraft maintenance and proper storage are critical to pilot and passenger safety, which is among the reasons why aviation metal buildings are becoming so popular. Metal aircraft hangars provide superior protection from the elements, resistance to fire and corrosion, as well as a range of other weaknesses with which timber-framed hangars have problems. Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits of aviation steel buildings.

Aviation Building

Aviation Metal Buildings: Designed Specifically to Fit Your Needs

Generally speaking, aviation buildings need to be resistant to fire, corrosion, and structural failure while delivering a long, clear span for ease of moving aircraft into and out of the structure while facilitating a range of different activities for maintenance and proper storage.

You Can Custom-Design Your Steel Aviation Structure: There is a wide range of different configurations of aviation steel buildings already available. This allows you to readily meet your needs for specific sizes, types, and appearances. Long clear-span spaces make it easy to accommodate the space clearance you need for an aircraft, and the prevalence of aircraft metal hangars makes it easy to conform to virtually any building requirement for ease of construction. They’re also easy to expand in the future, requiring much less work than aviation structures from traditional materials to alter and adapt to your new needs.

You Will Get an Unmatched Durability: Aviation metal buildings are typically constructed from galvanized steel, which has a range of properties that make it strong and durable to provide decades of solid protection. In addition to this long lifespan, it also provides the best protection at the lowest price point, making it an affordable option for your aircraft hangar that doesn’t cut any corners in terms of durability and quality. Galvanized steel is designed so that the zinc in the galvanization layer takes the abuse from the environment rather than the strong, sturdy steel.

The Installation Time is Simply Amazing: Aviation steel buildings are pre-engineered or prefabricated structures, which means they’ve been designed with ease of assembly in mind. This means that it doesn’t take a degree in engineering or significant experience in construction to put them together quickly, giving your aircraft the protection it needs without a lot of long delays or expensive hangar rental bills. What’s more, you have the option of including comfortable offices, waiting areas, restrooms, and more to make the time you spend at your aviation metal building more enjoyable.

You Will Get the Perfect Protection for Your Aircraft: If you’re considering purchasing a hangar, you already know that your aircraft will be a significant investment of both your time and your money. Isn’t it important to protect that investment with the quality and solid protection of steel airplane hangars? Withstanding wind, snow, sun, rain and ice, these hardy structures require little to no maintenance, are pest resistant, can’t rot, rust or mildew, and are exceptionally resistant to fire. They also are able to be insulated, giving you exceptional protection from the cold or heat, even in extreme climates.

You Can Enjoy a Decent Amount of Space: Moving a large aircraft around requires a lot of space, especially when you’re trying to maneuver and park them indoors. Aviation metal buildings can be constructed to include clear spans of up to 150 feet without interior support columns coming into play, which provides plenty of room for maneuvering. Whether you own a single aircraft or a small fleet, prefab steel airplane hangars provide you with the perfect environment for storing and maintaining your aircraft in comfort and safety.

Buy an Aviation Metal Building That is Far Beyond the Industry Standard

By investing in a high-quality aviation steel building, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits, including clear spans for easy mobility, strong and durable materials, adaptability to future needs, fast installation, a custom design that meets your specific needs, a comfortable work environment and reassurance that your aircraft is perfectly protected without going over budget.

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