Metal Aviation Hangar to Protect Your Aircraft
Jul 2021

Metal Aviation Hangar to Protect Your Aircraft

Stephan Michaels
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What is a Metal Aviation Hangar Building?

While there are metal storage buildings of all shapes and sizes, metal aviation hangars are a different breed. When thinking about protecting your airplane from the elements, a metal aviation hangar is the way to go. These low-maintenance buildings are reliable to keep your aircraft from being exposed to the outside world when you’re not using them.

Planes require a lot of space, time, and maintenance, and with a metal hangar, you cut down on worrying about all of those things. In addition, once you opt for a metal hangar, the cost-effective nature is clear to see, as you spend less and less on maintenance and more time enjoying flying.

Aircraft Stats

One of the luxury items that people think about purchasing is their own private airplane. While airplanes are expensive in nature, the number of aircraft in the United States might surprise you. As of 2020, it was estimated that there were 204,980 aircraft in the United States. According to General Aviation Market Data, this is about 48% of the entire world’s aircraft population

This number is larger than you may think, and many people are using these for personal and professional leisure. This begs the question, how are they storing their planes?

Using a professional-built, reliable, and sturdy metal hangar is the right way to go when deciding how you’re going to store your new luxury purchase. Investing money to have a metal aviation hangar built for you will protect your luxury investment in the long run, lowering the amount of money you’ll spend renting storage spaces.

A Sturdy Build for Protection of Your Prized Possession

There are many different reasons you should buy a hangar for your plane, but a key reason is because they are reliable. The sturdiness of the buildings curated relies on multiple different factors, all of them imperative to the protection of your aircraft.

  1. Unobstructed space: Metal hangars have open space plans, providing the same sturdiness without the ugly columns seen in typical buildings. This gives you more open room to store your plane without worrying about a tight fit between columns, or destroying something while bringing your aircraft back into the hangar. Unobstructed space is one of the best benefits when building a metal hangar instead of any other option on the market.
  2. Towering heights: High-rise heights are the perfect customization option for your hangar. The higher up your hangar goes, the more space you have to build headquarters, somewhere to relax after a long flight, or even somewhere to sleep to get up early the next day! This is the perfect option for the full-time traveler, providing room for your imagination to run wild.
  3. Limitless lengths: While all planes come in different shapes and sizes, so do the hangars. Different hangar lengths are available to justify your needs, and to create a premium experience when customizing it. This gives you a level of customization that sets aviation hangars apart from traditional metal storage buildings, as the limit on how long you need it is endless for your needs.
  4. Watertight protection: Protecting your plane from the elements is one of the main goals achieved by building your aircraft a metal hangar. Watertight protection is a feature of custom metal hangars that gives you an extra sense of security. In addition, this completely waterproofs your hangar against any weather: rain, shine, and all the elements in between.
  5. Strong hangar doors: Coming in many different styles, hangar doors are the key to getting in and out of your building. They have multiple different ways of opening, including hydraulic lifting systems. This also gives you the option to customize your hangar doors, including the option of insulation. The steel doors of your hangar also have wind resistance of up to 145 mph.
  6. Bolt-together system: Easy to obtain and easy to put together, the bolt-together system is extremely important to the structure of your building, and your sanity. Airplane hangars with bolt-together systems come prefabricated and ready to put together as soon as they arrive on site. You’re even provided with the option to put it together yourself! This technology decreases construction time significantly, providing you with more time to fly.
  7. Bird-proof ceilings: Bird-proof ceilings are an important aspect of an aircraft hangar. A common issue in outdoor storage buildings is nesting birds, but bird-proof ceilings help prevent and eliminate this issue. Instead of hearing birds chirping, you’ll be able to admire your plane in its very own hangar. The days of worrying about annoying birds are over for storage building owners.

Helicopter Hangars

Steel structures are the only viable option when it comes to storing your aircrafts, including helicopters. When the elements come into play, there can be damage done to your valuable possession that will cost you a pretty penny.

Due to the nature of helicopters and the extreme toll they take when up in the air, they require more protection than one might think. This protection will lower maintenance due to the already very high amount of maintenance needed to own a helicopter. In addition, storing your helicopter in a steel building will cut down costs on maintaining your helicopter when damage from the elements is caused to its sensitive structure.

Customization is Key!

There are so many different options for customizing hangars for all different types of hangars, from industrial hangars to hangars right outside your residence. In addition, there is a wide range of options available for every aspect of your hangar, from doors to extra spaces for comfort.

The customization of your aircraft hangar can be molded to fit your needs, and choosing the right one is important for your specific purpose.

The bigger your hangar, the more options you have, but companies will work with you to customize your hangar to fit your wants and needs. These steel structures are also constructed with the same durability that a stock structure would be constructed, with extra care and detail to preserve reliability. So when trying to find the right building, customization might be just the option for you!

You’ll get to pick out the works, from the color to the size and even how the doors operate. In addition, you can put in extra rooms to meet your needs and even add insulation to control the temperature inside your building.

Safeway Steel Provides High-Quality Hangars at Affordable Prices

Safeway Steel is a leading provider of high-quality steel buildings. If protecting your high-value aircraft is a priority to you, get in touch with one of the expert project managers at Safeway Steel today! They’ll walk you through every step of the process, from consultation to completion.

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