How to Adjust Your Metal Roll-Up Doors

When you experience difficulty either opening or closing your metal roll-up door, there is a good chance that your spring tension will need to be adjusted. Adjusting metal roll-up doors is a critical step in maintaining and prolonging the life of your metal door. The DBCI-exclusive tension set bracket is an innovative tool that accomplishes fast and safe adjustments. The tension set bracket found on the DBCI 650 and 690 Series is the first of its kind, making adjusting

Snow Load Overloading Letter 1559  Laskin  Road  Virginia  Beach , VA  23451 Phone: 1 – 888 -234 7 -0475  Fax : 1 – 800 – 500 – 3445 November 16, 2016 Sent Via email Subject: Potential Roof Snow Overload Condition Dear ABC Atlantic Division Builder: Winter is almost here and in much of the Atlantic Divisions territory winter brings with it the potential for roof snow overloading conditions on many buildings and structures. For your reference, I have attached

Insulated Roll Up Doors For Steel Buildings

Insulated Roll Up Door Options. Insulated Roll Up Doors are one of the most neglected add on’sKeeping your metal building’s interior climate controlled for comfort as well as for maximizing the life of your structure is essential. Careful consideration to your insulation needs should be taken prior to the erecting of your steel building as it is much more expensive and extremely difficult to retrofit a metal building with insulation after the fact. The cost
Dr!pStop insulation

Dr!pStop Condensation Control Insulation

Dr!pStop Condensation Control Insulation. Dr!pstop provided by Safeway Steel is all about Keeping your metal building’s interior climate controlled.  This ensures comfort as well as maximizing the life of your building structure. Careful consideration of your building insulation needs should be taken prior to the construction of your steel building.  It is much more expensive and difficult to retrofit a metal building with insulation once it has been built. The cost of insulation represents a small
Prefabricated Building Kits

Prefabricated Building Kits – Building Kit Pricing

Prefabricated Building Kits For Sale Safeway Steel Buildings offers Prefabricated Buildings Kits nationwide.  Our prefabricated steel buildings kits are made out of 100% Red Iron Steel and have an easy patented bolt together design.  From our state-of-the art manufacturing process to the building being delivered to your door.  You can rest assured our Prefabricated Building Kits are of the highest quality. Some Of The Features of Our Prefabricated Building Kits Easy Bolt Together Design Included
steel buildings rust

Do Steel Buildings Rust – Steel Building Rust Guide

Do Steel Buildings Rust or are they Rust Resistant? Your Steel Buildings Rust is is a concern when left untreated. Every Steel Building is prone to rust over time. The type of rust on your building is what determines the life of your metal building.  As we all know, rust is another name for iron oxide, which occurs when iron or an alloy that contains iron, like steel, is exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long

Can Steel Buildings Be Used For Homes

Can Steel Buildings Be Used For Homes? Steel Buildings are a new popular choice for many new home buyers looking to save costs.  Custom building your own Metal Building home is extremely exciting! The clearspan frames and overall quality of building can not be matched with traditional home buying methods.  One of the best advantages of a steel building is that it can meet high snow and wind loads without additional expensive costs.  This drives

Can Steel Buildings Collapse Due To Fire

Can A Steel Building Collapse Due To Fire? Steel Buildings in general have a high resistance to fire.  This includes the overall structure itself, as well as the components that hold it together. That does not mean it is completely impervious to fire or building collapse.  Depending on the melting point of the steel used and the types of components connecting the building together all play a role in the buildings integrity during a fire.  As
What Are Steel Buildings

What Are Steel Buildings?

What Are Steel Buildings? Steel Buildings by Safeway Steel Buildings are Metal Structures that can serve many different purposes.  A Steel Building can provide shelter for a family, security for a warehouse, or keep critical components like water utilities safe from the elements.  The Question of “What are Steel Buildings?”  Really comes down to, what do you want a steel building to be for you?  The structures themselves are completely designed and pre-fabricated to your
steel vs wood buildings

Are Steel Buildings Cheaper Than Wood?

Are Steel Buildings Really Cheaper Than Wood? An extremely popular question is, are steel buildings cheaper than wood?  This hotly debated questions has gone on for years and even after this article the argument will live on. The most popular aspect of any argument always comes down to the facts at hand.  So lets us break it down for you:Read More

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