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How to Adjust Your Metal Roll-Up Doors

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When you experience difficulty either opening or closing your metal roll-up door, there is a good chance that your spring tension will need to be adjusted. Adjusting metal roll-up doors is a critical step in maintaining and prolonging the life of your metal door. The DBCI-exclusive tension set bracket is an innovative tool that accomplishes fast and safe adjustments. The tension set bracket found on the DBCI 650 and 690 Series is the first of its kind, making adjusting roll-up doors safer, easier and faster. It enables experienced maintenance personnel to self-adjust the door within minutes unlike the older roll-up doors that lack tension adjusters and require a door technician to make any changes. The 650 Series is designed without heavy, bulky elements that are generally seen in commercial roll-up doors, making the demand for maintenance less frequent. The oil-tempered, e-coated torsion springs that come standard with 650 Series doors are easily accessible for both maintenance and inspection. Everything from the effortless guide systems to the high-quality hardware makes these curtain roll-up doors easy to work with.

It is suggested to check the tension at the time of installation and periodically over the course of a year

Ideal for meeting load-requirements with reduced maintenance costs, the 690 Series is engineered to avoid buckling, bowing, and misalignment. With easy inspection access, you can ensure that the left spring hook is fully engaged with the tensioner tang for strong attachment.

How to Know if Your Roll-Up Door Spring Needs More or Less Tension

If your roll-up door is easy to close and difficult to open, your door may require an increase in spring tension. On the other side, if your door is difficult to close and easy to open, you need to decrease the tension. Although DBCI’s roll-up doors are designed for easy inspection and maintenance, it is recommended to have a trained professional take on the larger tasks of installing and repairing doors. The door must be fully open with the curtain wrapped on drums in order to safely adjust.

Tools Needed for the Adjustment of a Metal Roll-Up Door

  • 5/16″ Alllen Wrench

Ongoing Maintenance: Adjusting Tension & Lubrication

With the door in the open position, simply insert a standard 5/16″ Allen wrench in the exposed drive and adjust clockwise to reduce tension and counter-clockwise to increase tension. If you want to use a drill attachment, be sure that it’s a variable speed drill set at a low speed. In addition to increasing tension when needed, adding a light coat of lithium-based grease to springs will help reduce friction and prevent rust for maximum efficiency. Applying and greaseless lubricant, like a silicone spray to guide strips will also help keep these free of dirt buildup for longer-lasting smooth operation of roll-up doors.

Snow Load Overloading Letter

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1559  Laskin  Road  Virginia  Beach , VA  23451

Phone: 1 – 888 -234 7 -0475  Fax : 1 – 800 – 500 – 3445

November 16, 2016 Sent Via email

Subject: Potential Roof Snow Overload Condition

Dear ABC Atlantic Division Builder: Winter is almost here and in much of the Atlantic Divisions territory winter brings with it the potential for roof snow overloading conditions on many buildings and structures. For your reference, I have attached a copy of the recommended MBMA Snow Removal Guidelines as well as the GBDC and AMS Guidelines. Please carefully review this information and share it with your customers and other metal building owners. In the unfortunate event that a structure has experienced damage, please take immediate steps to insure the safety of those in and around the building. We recommend that a local consulting engineer be involved in the process to assist with safe and practical solutions to secure the structure and minimize further damage. safewaysteel.com is a metal building distributor and does not act as the Engineer of Record for the original construction of a project or for the repairs of a damaged structure or as Consulting Engineers for distressed buildings. If the need arises, Garage Buildings will support you in the sale and supply of replacement materials to assist the Owner with any repairs or reconstruction of the metal building. Please contact one of our Technical Service Centers to execute a contract to purchase materials with proper design specification and code compliance as determined by a licensed engineer involved in the investigation. Thank you for your attention to this issue and please do not hesitate to contact me or one of our Customer Service Supervisors if you have any questions. You will be directed to one of our Engineering Supervisors who stand ready to assist you in any way that Garage Buildings is able. Sincerely, Greg Kuebrich Builder Services Manager

Insulated Roll Up Doors For Steel Buildings

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Insulated Roll Up Door Options.

Insulated Roll Up Doors are one of the most neglected add on’sKeeping your metal building’s interior climate controlled for comfort as well as for maximizing the life of your structure is essential. Careful consideration to your insulation needs should be taken prior to the erecting of your steel building as it is much more expensive and extremely difficult to retrofit a metal building with insulation after the fact. The cost of insulation represents a small percentage of the total cost of your entire project and should not be neglected!

Commercial Metal Building Roll-up Door Reflective Insulation

As a commercial roll-up door is opened – the curtain of the door is wound around a drum located directly above the door. While this design maximizes the use of the interior steel building space by eliminating the sectional door tracks that would project into the space – it does present a challenge when it comes to insulation. A thick foam or fiberglass insulation would interfere or prevent the roll-up door curtain from wrapping around the drum when hoisted up. The practical alternative is the use of a polyethylene bubble film sandwiched between two protective sheets of strong metalized aluminum polyester film.

Dr!pStop Condensation Control Insulation

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Dr!pStop Condensation Control Insulation.

Dr!pstop provided by Safeway Steel is all about Keeping your metal building’s interior climate controlled.  This ensures comfort as well as maximizing the life of your building structure. Careful consideration of your building insulation needs should be taken prior to the construction of your steel building.  It is much more expensive and difficult to retrofit a metal building with insulation once it has been built. The cost of insulation represents a small percentage of the total cost of your entire project and should not be neglected!  

DR!PSTOP Metal Building Condensation Control System

DR!PSTOP is an innovative product that works by creating a medium for trapping moisture. Dr!pStop has specially designed pockets that are formed within the felt’s membrane.  They help contain condensation and mositure build up. The Dr!pstop Insulation is applied to the back of the roof panel during the manufacturing process. This is one of the ways DRIP!STOP saves you money.  This money-saving alternative can also save you up to 25% or more in labor costs. When compared to installing standard white vinyl backed steel building fiberglass insulation, the “Dr!pStop Insulation” Solution is held to the highest standard of durability and efficiency. It is not susceptible to ripping, tearing or deteriorating. Unlike standard insulation and vapor barriers. Additionally, Dr!pStop is UL 723-Approved for flame spread and smoke generation. It also comes with a 20-year adhesion warranty.

Dr!pStop Helps Reduce Rust On Metal Buildings

At Safeway Steel Buildings we recommend Dr!p Stop Condensation Control Systems for many of our clients steel building solutions, to ensure the steel of your building can resist rust in places where condensation can build up.  If your next steel building will be in an environment where condensation or humidity is high.  We recommend contacting Safeway Steel Buildings today to discuss how Dr!pStop Insulation can help keep your building a standard temperature and reduce maintenance on your building over the years from humidty.

Contact Safeway Steel Buildings Today to discuss your Building Insulation Needs!


Prefabricated Building Kits – Building Kit Pricing

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Prefabricated Building Kits For Sale

Safeway Steel Buildings offers Prefabricated Buildings Kits nationwide.  Our prefabricated steel buildings kits are made out of 100% Red Iron Steel and have an easy patented bolt together design.  From our state-of-the art manufacturing process to the building being delivered to your door.  You can rest assured our Prefabricated Building Kits are of the highest quality.

Some Of The Features of Our Prefabricated Building Kits

  • Easy Bolt Together Design
  • Included Free Step by Step Installation Manual
  • Perfect For any Industry.
  • We Deliver The Building Anywhere in the World.
  • Dedicated Prefabricated Building Manager
  • Building Construction Available For Prefabricated Buildings.

How Do I Buy Your Prefabricated Building Kits?

The process is fairly simple.  Below you find the basic steps to purchase a Prefabricated Building Kit From Safeway Steel:


Contact Us:


  • You discuss your building with our PreFabricated Building Kit Specialists at 1-800-818-2245.  Your building designer is your own personal contact, so use them as a resource as much as you can.
Design Your Prefabricated Building Kit.
  • A 3D model is provided for your to review.  This 3D Building Model can be marked up and changed Unlimited Times; ensuring we have the exact building you are looking to build.  We will constantly regenerate these models until we have your building kit just right.
Pay A Deposit For your Prefabricated Building
  • Once we have your design down you pay a small fee to put your building into production.  Don’t worry this Deposit goes towards your final total so you are not losing any money.  This is security deposit to ensure you real interest in getting started.  This also safeguards your building budget so that you do not have to put up the whole amount upfront.
You Building Kit is Manufactured
  • Once the deposit is received your building is put into the manufacturing line.  Based on the drawings received by your designer our State of The Art manufacturing process starts to build the components that will allow you to assemble your building quickly.  There is no waste created which ensures when your building is delivered there is nothing else you need from us.
Your Prefabricated Building Kit is Delivered
  • This is an exciting day!  Once the building is finished.  Our factory will call you to schedule a delivery time.  Once the delivery time is set, our team will deliver your building to your doorstep.  Once you have paid your final total and review the building components (minus the initial deposit) our crew will unload the truck and you can begin building.
After The Delivery
  • If you have opted for our Turnkey Building Construction Service we will have already scheduled a date to been erection for you.  In many cases our crew is there the same day your building is delivered to get started on your building right away!  For more information about our Building Construction Services for Prefabricated Steel Buildings Kits at 1-800-818-2245.

Learn more about Prefabricated Steel Building Pricing  or get Metal Building Pricing 

For More Information about Prefabricated Building Kits Contact us Today


Do Steel Buildings Rust – Steel Building Rust Guide

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Do Steel Buildings Rust or are they Rust Resistant?

Your Steel Buildings Rust is is a concern when left untreated. Every Steel Building is prone to rust over time. The type of rust on your building is what determines the life of your metal building.  As we all know, rust is another name for iron oxide, which occurs when iron or an alloy that contains iron, like steel, is exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long period of time. Over time, the oxygen combines with the metal at an atomic level, forming a new compound called an oxide and weakening the bonds of the metal itself. Continue reading

Can Steel Buildings Be Used For Homes

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Can Steel Buildings Be Used For Homes?

Steel Buildings are a new popular choice for many new home buyers looking to save costs.  Custom building your own Metal Building home is extremely exciting! The clearspan frames and overall quality of building can not be matched with traditional home buying methods.  One of the best advantages of a steel building is that it can meet high snow and wind loads without additional expensive costs.  This drives down the overall price of your building and allows you to put that money towards interior design and other design options. Continue reading

Can Steel Buildings Collapse Due To Fire

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Can A Steel Building Collapse Due To Fire?

Steel Buildings in general have a high resistance to fire.  This includes the overall structure itself, as well as the components that hold it together. That does not mean it is completely impervious to fire or building collapse.  Depending on the melting point of the steel used and the types of components connecting the building together all play a role in the buildings integrity during a fire.  As long as your building was designed using high quality fire resistant parts as Safeway Steel Buildings are, your building should be able to withstand a standard fire better then other materials but that is not a guarantee.  Some fires burn hotter then others based and the fuel of the fire will determine the longevity of any building.  No matter what material it is made out of.

Continue reading

What Are Steel Buildings?

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What Are Steel Buildings?

Steel Buildings by Safeway Steel Buildings are Metal Structures that can serve many different purposes.  A Steel Building can provide shelter for a family, security for a warehouse, or keep critical components like water utilities safe from the elements.  The Question of “What are Steel Buildings?”  Really comes down to, what do you want a steel building to be for you?  The structures themselves are completely designed and pre-fabricated to your exact dimensions. So the Metal Buildings are specifically crafted to whatever suites needs. Continue reading

Are Steel Buildings Cheaper Than Wood?

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Are Steel Buildings Really Cheaper Than Wood?

An extremely popular question is, are steel buildings cheaper than wood?  This hotly debated questions has gone on for years and even after this article the argument will live on. The most popular aspect of any argument always comes down to the facts at hand.  So lets us break it down for you: Continue reading

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