Understanding the Market Growth for Steel Buildings
Jul 2023

Understanding the Market Growth for Steel Buildings

Stephan Michaels
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It’s probably no surprise that metal buildings have become an incredibly popular choice for many applications. From backyard sheds to retail stores, there are very few things these buildings can’t do. Everywhere you look, you’re likely to see a metal building dotting the horizon.

This has had a tremendous impact on the steel building industry, which is now seeing these structures used for manufacturing facilities, logistics centers, training facilities, and almost anything you can think of.

So, if you’ve been looking for a building perfectly suited to your needs, today is your lucky day. In this blog, we’ll explore the market for steel buildings and show you exactly why they’ve become the go-to choice for home and business owners alike.

Factors That Impact the Market Value of Steel

To explain why metal buildings are among the most desirable choices for residential and commercial infrastructure, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention cost-efficiency. Custom steel buildings can be built at a fraction of the price of a traditional wooden structure and will last longer too. But what makes building with steel so much cheaper than lumber?

One of the primary factors in the price of steel buildings is the global supply and demand for raw steel. Fluctuations in steel production, availability of raw materials, and global economic conditions can directly impact steel prices. Changes in demand, such as increased infrastructure projects or a surge in construction activity, can also drive up the demand for raw steel, leading to higher market values.

Another critical factor is the cost of production. Factors such as energy prices, labor costs, and transportation expenses can influence the cost of manufacturing raw steel. For example, if energy prices rise or there are increases in labor wages, the production cost of steel can go up, leading to higher market prices for metal buildings.

The state of the construction industry and the overall demand for metal buildings also affect the market value of raw steel. When there is high demand for metal buildings, especially custom steel structures, the demand for raw steel increases, and prices tend to rise accordingly. Conversely, during periods of economic downturn or reduced construction activity, the demand for metal buildings may decrease, leading to lower market values for raw steel.

Why Safeway Steel Uses American Steel

At Safeway Steel, we take great pride in our commitment to using American steel to construct our custom metal buildings and metal building kits. We prioritize American steel for several reasons, and these are essential in delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Here’s why:

1. No Import Tax

By utilizing American steel, Safeway Steel avoids the burden of import taxes, which can significantly impact the cost of materials. Importing steel from other countries often incurs additional expenses through taxes and tariffs.

2. High-Quality

American steel is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality. The steel industry in the United States follows stringent standards and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the production of high-grade steel. Safeway Steel prioritizes quality and recognizes using American steel guarantees superior strength, durability, and longevity for our metal buildings.

3. American Steel is Safe and Reliable

Safety is of paramount importance in the construction industry. By using American steel, we can assure our customers that their custom metal buildings meet the highest safety standards.

4. The American Economy

We take pride in supporting the American economy. By utilizing American steel, Safeway Steel contributes to the growth of the domestic steel industry, which positively impacts employment rates and the overall economy.

5. Environmentally Responsible

In an era where sustainability and environmental responsibility are crucial, Safeway Steel acknowledges the importance of using materials that align with ecologically friendly values. American steel production adheres to strict environmental regulations, ensuring that it meets high standards for sustainability.

Understanding the Market Growth of Steel Buildings

Undoubtedly, the market for custom steel buildings and metal building kits is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by various factors such as cost-effectiveness, durability, and versatility.

According to a press release on Vantage Market Research, the prefabricated steel buildings market is expected to expand from 101.85 billion to 150.49 billion by 2030. And thanks to the rise in industrialization, commercial construction activities, and the need for sustainable building solutions, this industry is only expected to grow and play a pivotal role in future construction projects.

Ready to Build Your Dream Structure? Contact Safeway Steel!

Whether you’re looking for simple metal building kits or larger commercial-grade metal buildings for sale, Safeway Steel has your back. We’re proud to offer American-made steel buildings designed to take on any environment and application under the sun and provide you with years of dedicated service.

We back our buildings up with industry-standard certifications, warranties, and guarantees so you know you’re getting your money’s worth before, during, and long after installation.

So, if you’re ready to take your first step toward metal building ownership, give the experts at Safeway Steel a call at +1 (800) 818-2245. Our building specialists will happily assist you in designing and installing a steel building that works perfectly for your needs.


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