Why Industrial Metal Buildings are the Best Choice
Apr 2021

Why Industrial Metal Buildings are the Best Choice

Stephan Michaels
Industrial Buildings

When you are in the market for a new industrial building, you want to choose one that is made from materials that will last the test of time. Pre-engineered steel buildings are an obvious choice as they offer many great benefits. We took a look at industrial metal buildings so that you can learn why they really are the best choice.

Prefabricated Steel Buildings Account for the Majority of the US Market

Did you know that over 95% of all industrial buildings in the US are made from steel frames? Not only are industrial steel buildings a smart way to build, but they also offer the safety and security that commercial premises need. In fact, these buildings are becoming so popular that it is predicted that the metal building industry will grow to be worth nearly $30 billion by 2026!

The Main Reasons Why Steel Prefab Buildings are Popular

With so much to offer, industrial steel buildings are becoming more and more popular every year. Take a look at some of the main reasons for this below:

  1. Industrial Metal Buildings are Affordable – when you consider that the majority of commercial properties are incredibly large, it makes sense to build them with the most affordable solutions, and that is steel. In addition to being affordable to install, metal buildings offer low maintenance costs and cheap repair bills so that you keep your ongoing outgoings to a minimum.
  2. Industrial Steel Buildings Offer Open Spaces – finding a space that is clean and unobstructed is the ideal outcome for anyone in the industry. By installing prefabricated steel buildings, you can look forward to wide-open space that does not need supports that will take up your floor room.
  3. Your Floor Plan, the Way You Want It – another great thing about steel buildings is that they can be configured in any way you want, making the floor plan work for you and your business without attracting a large bill to get it that way.
  4. Precision Framing for Every Build – as metal buildings are pre-engineered before being delivered to the site, you can enjoy precision framing without any fuss or bother. This means that you will end with the building your business needs.
  5. Access Your Building with Ease – whether you have large machinery or small, being able to get through the doors is essential! With steel buildings, you can customize the size of the doors in both height and width, as well as customizing the number of doors and their locations on the building.
  6. Enjoy a Building that’s Built to Last – it won’t be a shock to learn that steel buildings are incredibly durable and will last for many years without much maintenance. They will also retain their value so that if you ever decide to sell up and move on, then you will be able to get a great price for your property.
  7. Grow Your Business to Suit Your Needs – choosing a building that can grow with you may seem impossible, but it really isn’t! Metal building can be customized and extended even after they have been installed so that you can add things on as and when you need them, resulting in a business that grows with demand.
  8. Customize Your Metal Building However You Choose – want a building that is shaped differently than the rest? Or are you looking for specific windows, doors, or colors? The great news is that choosing a DIY metal building means that you can get everything you want, just the way you want it. By choosing a company that has an experienced design team, you will be able to create a space that reflects the needs of your business.
  9. Install Interior Cranes to Support Your Business – another great facet of owning a steel building is that it will offer unparalleled strength for as long as you need it! This means that you can comfortably design and install interior cranes to complete any industrial work you have lined up without worrying about whether the building can take the weight or not. In fact, with large steel buildings, you can install as many interior cranes as needed!
  10. Create a Building that Supports the Environment – more and more pressure is being placed on industry leaders to improve the eco-friendly status of their buildings. Choosing a steel building is not just cost-effective, but it offers sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices that will make your operation greener than ever before. Steel is infinitely recyclable, and most steel buildings will be made up of both new and recycled steel, helping you to reduce your impact on nature.

Why You Need Safeway Steel in Your Corner

When you want to get a metal building that will perform well for years to come, then Safeway Steel is the ideal choice. Not only do we work hard to create top-quality builds, but we also offer eco-friendly designs and a team that wants to impress.

As the leading supplier of metal buildings in the US, we know how to create a building that will last the test of time so that you can maximize the earning potential of your business. Plus, we offer full customization options that allow you to work with us to design a space that looks and fits perfectly for your needs.

When you get in touch with our team, you can look forward to working with people that offer exceptional customer service and who are highly trained and experienced in metal buildings. Call us today at +1 (800) 818-2245 to get the process started – we can’t wait to work with you.


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