What Are Some Amazing Benefits of Airplane Hangar Designs?
Nov 2021

What Are Some Amazing Benefits of Airplane Hangar Designs?

Stephan Michaels
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When it comes to building airplane hangars, there are certain unique requirements that you need to meet to ensure the secure storage of the planes, the safe operation of the plane hangar, and the safety of the people who will be using the hangar. In such cases, a stainless steel airplane hangar is considered the best choice.

In this article, we will learn the benefits of these buildings and how they can benefit you.

15 Surprising Benefits of Airplane Hangar Designs

Some amazing benefits of steel airplane hangar designs include:

1. You Can Build a Steel Hangar Up To 250 Ft. Wide and 50 Ft. High

Almost all prefab airplane hangars for sale have impressive sizes, especially if you consider that the building will be used to store planes of all sizes.

2. You’ll Have a Wide Range of Colors and Styles

You will easily find steel buildings that are available in a wide range of styles and colors. As a result, you would no longer have to settle for something that looks dull.

3. Steel Structures Go Up in a Matter of Days

One of the best aspects of prefab buildings is that they can be installed very quickly and easily. Even with a worker or two, the building can be up and running in less than two weeks.

4. They’re Easy to Keep Secure

Most steel hangars are fitted with top-notched security features that will keep your valuables safe from theft or damage.

5. You Can Save 40 Percent or More When Building With Steel

Apart from the low cost of the purchase and construction, steel aircraft hangar also does not require much maintenance. This brings your overall building costs down significantly.

6. Steel Construction is Impervious to Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, and Even Pests

Another important benefit of steel buildings is that they are impervious to outside weather elements like lightning, wind, heavy rains, sunlight, fire, etc. They are even great at

keeping rodents at bay.

7. Insurance Costs Stay Low

As mentioned above, steel buildings have a low risk of water and fire damage, which brings down the overall cost of the insurance.

8. Maintenance is Lower with Steel

If you purchase a prefab aircraft hangar for sale from reputable brands, you can rest assured knowing that you will not have to add another layer of paint for decades in a row.

9. You Won’t Have to Worry About Support Beams Interfering with Your Hangar Use

In metal hangars, you will see that there are no support beams, which can interfere with your use. You will not see this kind of construction in buildings made of stone, brick, or wood.

10. It’s Easy to Modify Airplane Hangar Designs to Fit Your Expanding Needs

Modifying hangars made of bricks or wood can be a cumbersome and expensive process. Thankfully, you can easily modify your steel buildings both on the inside and the outside at a fraction of the cost.

11. Steel Airplane Hangars can Incorporate Temperature Control Technology

Steel hangars today make use of the most advanced HVAC systems to ensure proper heating and cooling inside the structure.

12. Noise-Canceling Tech is Available Too, and It’s Especially Helpful for Hangars Located Near Homes

If you locate your hangar near a residential area, you can opt for structures with insulated panels to lower noise levels inside and outside the hangar.

13. You can Repurpose Hangars as Warehouses, Commercial Buildings, and Stores

Even if you no longer have a plane to store inside the hangar, you can repurpose the building for other uses. As mentioned above, these buildings can be modified easily.

14. Their Energy-Efficient Airplane Hangar Designs can Save You Even More Money Over Time

Since there is minimal space wastage in steel hangars, you will avoid wasting energy and power in spaces that you are not utilizing.

15. Prefab Airplane Hangar Designs can be Tailored to Your Needs

The most important advantage of steel buildings is that you can modify all parts of the structure depending on your requirements. Therefore, these hangars are easily customizable.

Things to Consider While Building a Steel Aircraft Hangar

If you have decided to build a steel plane hangar, there are quite some considerations that you need to remember. Some of these include:

  • Location : The most important factor you need to remember is where you plan to install the aircraft hangar. Based on the location, you will have to comply with various federal, state, or local requirements. Additionally, you will also have to consider other aspects like the terrain, wind ratings, etc.
  • What Will You Use the Hangar For : It is very obvious that you would use the steel aircraft hangar for storing your airplane. However, you can also use it for a wide range of other purposes. For instance, you can fashion a balcony on the hangar so that you have a place to stay if you are working out late.
  • Design : Steel hangars are very versatile, and you will base your design on what you plan to use them for. Overall, the design of the hangar will depend on some factors like the size of the airplane you plan on storing, the types of doors, the number of aircraft you plan to keep, etc.
  • Interior Organization : There is a wide range of formations that you can use for storing the aircraft in the hangar. The way you plan on using the interior will dictate the type of flooring you use. For the best space usage, we recommend that you use the T-storage formation.
  • Construction : The construction of the metal aircraft hangar will depend on what you plan to do inside the building. For example, if you want to repair aircraft in your steel building, you will have to opt for a strong steel building. Additionally, you would also require more power for lighting, compressed airlines, and power tools.

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