Six Essential Points to Bear in Mind When You Build an Airplane Hanger in VA
Mar 2022

Six Essential Points to Bear in Mind When You Build an Airplane Hanger in VA

Stephan Michaels
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What Should I Know About Virginia?
The state of Virginia has a long and fascinating history. It is famous for its colonial heritage, with the settlements of Jamestown and Williamsburg being popular attractions today. Virginia is also well-known for its historical mansions, including Thomas Jefferson and George Washington’s homes at Monticello and Mount Vernon, respectively.

Virginia has many thriving industries, including service, technology, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. Its warm and humid summer climate and crisp winters have a vital part to play in those sectors.
Another strong industry here is aviation. The state is home to several top flight schools for pilot training. For this reason, there is a strong demand for airplane hangers.

6 Key Points to Bear in Mind When Building an Airport Hangar in Virginia

Here are several considerations when constructing an aircraft hangar. Some of the most important include:

  • Budget – when building an airport hangar, you need to consider your budget first. Steel buildings in Virginia make excellent aircraft hangars and a metal building in Virginia is an affordable choice. However, the cost will depend on a number of factors, such as the doors and roof type you choose. Also, site work will cost money, as will compliance with code requirements. Fortunately, you can find VA metal buildings at a range of price tags and with customizable features to meet your needs and budget.
  • Hangar size – the size of your hangar is a key factor to bear in mind. How many airplanes will you be storing? Also, consider the extra space needed for moving aircraft and for positioning stairs, ramps, and other equipment. The work area for maintenance and repairs needs to be large enough to meet your needs.
  • Location – when choosing the best spot for your aircraft hangar, you need to bear in mind the code requirements. Sometimes, firewalls or fire suppression systems will be needed if the hangar is close to other buildings. You’ll also need to consider how far away utilities are located from the proposed hangar site. Soil stability is a further consideration when considering hangar placement since it must be capable of supporting it.
  • What will the hangar be used for? – of course, you’ll no doubt say that your airplane hangar is for storing aircraft. However, it may be used for other things too. Sometimes, people add living spaces to their hangars. Sometimes they are used as a workshop as well as a hangar. Frequently equipment and tools are stored inside hangars too. You may even need part of the space to use as a classroom if you are an instructor as well as a pilot.
  • Accessibility – you’ll need to consider how easy it is to exit and enter the hangar. If several aircraft will be stored there, defining exit and entry points is key and can be difficult. Choosing doors of the appropriate size and type is essential.
  • Interior organization – you need to design your hangar’s interior carefully as well as its exterior. You also need to decide how the interior will be laid out. There are several formations to pick from when storing your aircraft. You’ll need to know the amount of space you have to work with to decide on the most suitable floor plan.

Check in Advance About Any Restrictions

In some areas, you will need to meet certain regulations when constructing an airplane hangar. You should, therefore, consult your local municipal construction department. They will let you know the relevant zoning requirements and building codes for your chosen location. You need to be aware of these before you design and build your aircraft hangar.

You’ll need to check whether there are any fire regulations to comply with or whether the building needs to cover a certain percentage of the block. You also need to check on water waste regulations for drainage type requirements and stormwater removal.

You may need to determine which types of cladding are approved in your area and whether sealed flooring is required. You must also find out if an aircraft hangar requires specific access types.

Why Might I Use an Aircraft Hangar?

Of course, the main reason for building an aircraft hangar is for housing airplanes. But nevertheless, these structures can be used for a range of other purposes. It, therefore, makes sense to consider the future when choosing and constructing an airplane hangar. You may decide one day to use it for other purposes as well as aircraft storage. Planning ahead is key to maximizing your investment.

It’s best to build an aircraft hangar that is suitable for serving several purposes from the get-go. Make sure you’ve chosen a large enough structure so that you can get maximum use from the building.

Some popular uses for aircraft hangars, outside of the obvious application of aircraft storage, is as a workshop, classroom for instructors, for storing equipment, or even for living space. You can easily customize your chosen aircraft hangar in many ways to accommodate those future potential uses.

You can choose the size, color, roof, doors, and many other factors when designing your hangar. That means it’s a breeze to create the building that’s right for you and your unique needs.

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