Prevent Damage to Your Garden Equipment in Winter With a Robust Metal Garage
Dec 2019

Prevent Damage to Your Garden Equipment in Winter With a Robust Metal Garage

Though your lawn and garden machinery works hard during the spring and summer, fall and winter is the time to make sure that your investment in your tools is protected during the off-season. Having a metal garage workshop to safely store your off-season garden equipment helps ensure that your investment will last a long time and deliver years of reliable service. A steel garage also ensures that your equipment will come out of storage in the same rust-free, perfect condition as when you put them into storage.

Get a Metal Garage Building on Your Property!

Sturdy, affordable metal garage buildings make it easy to store your garden equipment over the winter. It’s a great way to add value to your property while keeping your assets protected from the elements. Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider adding garage workshops to your home for garden equipment storage.

Provide Strong Protection for Your Garden Equipment – When your garden equipment isn’t protected during the freezing temperatures in the winter, the elements can cause serious wear and tear on your equipment. Rust, UV radiation, ice and cold can cause problems if your equipment is left unprotected, so a metal garage helps protect your investment.

Save You from Scraping and Snow Removal Work – Instead of having to deal with scraping ice and removing snow from your equipment from unpredictable winter storms, a steel garage can provide solid protection in a range of sizes. Enclosed fully on four sides, these structures can be customized to include one or two doors for the perfect winter storage for your equipment.

You’ve Winterized Your Garden Equipment: Now What?

Once you’ve stored your garden equipment in metal garage buildings, is it ready to go through the winter? No! You need to take the time to perform care and maintenance on your equipment before you call an end to your garden tasks for the year. By taking the time to perform this maintenance now, you’ll be all ready to get started in the spring. Here are some of the basics to help you get started.

Maintenance: Though most machinery will come with some basic instructions for maintaining your machinery, there are some issues that are universal across equipment. If your machinery is powered with gasoline or diesel, you’ll want to either run the equipment until it’s empty of fuel or run treated fuel through the system to ensure it still starts in the spring.

Clean Air Filter Thoroughly: Combustion engines can only run as long as they can breathe, and they can’t breathe with a clogged air filter. If your equipment’s air filter is intended to be replaced regularly, doing this in the fall means you can just take your equipment right out of storage for use in the spring. Cleanable filters should be maintained as per your equipment’s instruction manual.

Sharpen the Blades: On your cutting equipment, such as pruners, lawnmowers and similar machinery that has blades, it’s vital that you keep the blades sharp, because dull blades tear the grass and spread disease. Sharpening the blades right before you put the equipment into storage will have it ready to run as soon as you take it out in the spring.

Change the Oil: As a regular part of your maintenance, changing oil helps keep your combustion engine operating effectively and prevents issues such as sticking valves, poor performance, and early failure. By changing the oil prior to putting your equipment in storage, you can make sure that you can simply start your equipment and put it into use come spring’s beautiful weather.

Replace Spark Plugs: If clean air filters allow your combustion engine to breathe, your spark plugs are what bring your engine to life. Spark plugs that are worn can misfire, causing damage or simply failing to fire your engine at all. A few moments spent replacing the spark plugs will save you time in the spring and adding a little dielectric grease to the threads make the process simple next time.

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By taking the time to store your garden equipment for the winter in a strong, affordable metal garage workshop, you can ensure the machinery will be ready to go when spring’s beautiful weather makes you want to get outside again. But not any steel garage building will get the job done. Safeway Steel has over two decades of experience in nationwide delivery and exceptional customer service, providing the best possible experience for our customers. You can trust in the quality of our work with a look at our A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau. Please feel free to contact us today on +1 (800) 818-2245 to get started.


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