Prefabricated Building Kits - Building Kit Pricing
Jan 2017

Prefabricated Building Kits - Building Kit Pricing

Prefabricated Building Kits For Sale

Safeway Steel Buildings offers Prefabricated Buildings Kits nationwide.  Our prefabricated steel buildings kits are made out of 100% Red Iron Steel and have an easy patented bolt together design.  From our state-of-the art manufacturing process to the building being delivered to your door.  You can rest assured our Prefabricated Building Kits are of the highest quality.

Some Of The Features of Our Prefabricated Building Kits

  • Easy Bolt Together Design
  • Included Free Step by Step Installation Manual
  • Perfect For any Industry.
  • We Deliver The Building Anywhere in the World.
  • Dedicated Prefabricated Building Manager
  • Building Construction Available For Prefabricated Buildings.

How Do I Buy Your Prefabricated Building Kits?

The process is fairly simple.  Below you find the basic steps to purchase a Prefabricated Building Kit From Safeway Steel:

Contact Us

  • You discuss your building with our Prefabricated Building Kit Specialists at 1-800-818-2245.  Your building designer is your own personal contact, so use them as a resource as much as you can.

Design Your Prefabricated Building Kit

  • A 3D model is provided for your to review.  This 3D Building Model can be marked up and changed Unlimited Times; ensuring we have the exact building you are looking to build.  We will constantly regenerate these models until we have your building kit just right.

Pay A Deposit For your Prefabricated Building

  • Once we have your design down you pay a small fee to put your building into production.  Don’t worry this Deposit goes towards your final total so you are not losing any money.  This is security deposit to ensure you real interest in getting started.  This also safeguards your building budget so that you do not have to put up the whole amount upfront.

You Building Kit is Manufactured

  • Once the deposit is received your building is put into the manufacturing line.  Based on the drawings received by your designer our State of The Art manufacturing process starts to build the components that will allow you to assemble your building quickly.  There is no waste created which ensures when your building is delivered there is nothing else you need from us.

Your Prefabricated Building Kit is Delivered

  • This is an exciting day!  Once the building is finished.  Our factory will call you to schedule a delivery time.  Once the delivery time is set, our team will deliver your building to your doorstep.  Once you have paid your final total and review the building components (minus the initial deposit) our crew will unload the truck and you can begin building.

After The Delivery

  • If you have opted for our Turnkey Building Construction Service we will have already scheduled a date to been erection for you.  In many cases our crew is there the same day your building is delivered to get started on your building right away!  For more information about our Building Construction Services for Prefabricated Steel Buildings Kits at 1-800-818-2245.

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