Metal Churches – Why They Are a Popular Choice
Dec 2020

Metal Churches – Why They Are a Popular Choice

Metal church buildings are popping up all over the US, and while they look amazing, many of us are unsure why they have chosen steel over timber.

The answer is pretty clear – prefab metal church buildings not only cost less and last longer, but they are also capable of providing the large, open space and tall ceilings that we have come to expect from a place of worship. This means that congregations can look forward to worshipping in the safest and most practical building on the market.

Prefab Church Buildings

Find Out How Steel Church Buildings Offer the Best Solutions

When you start to consider the benefits of church metal buildings, you could probably name a few obvious ones, but we are here to tell you more about the vast range of benefits so that you get a good idea of just how great prefab church buildings are. Check out the top ten below:

  1. You can utilize every inch – many traditional churches were designed without the need for breakout spaces, outdoor spaces, or even storage for modern equipment. With prefab metal church buildings, you can create a space that works for your congregation’s needs and continues to work for them as they grow. No space will be wasted, and you can look forward to providing all the services and support opportunities you have been dreaming of.
  2. You get great value for money – metal buildings are not just great in terms of design, but they are also very economical because you can create a customized design rather than needing to choose a traditional design that may not meet your needs. We understand that church funds cannot be wasted, and so by designing your own space, you can get great value for money and enjoy the fact that steel buildings cost far less than other construction options.
  3. You can save cash as soon as you start building – the savings don’t just apply to the new building’s price but also to the installation too! Prefab church buildings take a third less time to build and can even be sold as kits for the community to install. If your church is located in a place with adverse weather, do not worry as most of the installation will take place inside and under shelter, meaning that everyone can offer their support without getting cold or wet.
  4. Your savings don’t stop when the church is built – the best news is that savings don’t stop when the building is complete. Steel buildings are far less susceptible to fire and other natural disasters because they are made from strong metal that has been galvanized, ready to work for you. Because of this, any insurance or tax that you pay on the building will be significantly less than a traditional building.
  5. Your church can grow with your congregation – if you find that your congregation is growing faster than you had imagined then, you will not need to tear down your building and start again with a prefab church building. This is because steel buildings can be modified after they have been installed to fit your needs. Add extra rooms, add depth or length to rooms in situ, or even consider a second floor. With steel buildings, your options are endless.
  6. Your church buildings will offer durability and long life – metal buildings are some of the strongest options on the market, and they provide a long-lasting building that is durable no matter what life throws at it. Many people are overwhelmed at how well a metal building can cope with natural disasters, storms, or wind, meaning that your new building will be around for many years to come.
  7. Assembling your new church is a cinch – if you opt for a DIY building kit, then you will be pleased to know that everything arrives ready for installation. It is a straightforward process, and your congregation will feel a huge sense of pride when they get to worship in a church they helped to build. If you choose to have it installed by the supplier, you will be amazed at how quickly your new building will be ready to use!
  8. You do not need to worry about maintenance – because metal churches are made from galvanized steel, you will not need to worry about maintenance issues as time goes by. Plus, because they are made from metal, they are difficult for pests to access and offer low chances of mildew.
  9. Your new church building will provide an energy-efficient output – heating a church and providing hot water can be expensive, especially if your building is old. A new steel building can provide you with up to 50% in energy savings because it is highly insulated and naturally warmer, meaning good news for the church funds!
  10. You can support the environment with an eco-friendly church – not only will you save on your energy bills, but the majority of steel comes from recycled sources rather than new steel – making it environmentally-friendly. If there ever comes a time that you no longer need your building, then you can get it recycled, and the steel can be reused because no matter how many times you recycle steel, it never loses any of its strength.

Safeway Steel’s Final Thoughts

We are always amazed at the willingness people show when trying out something new, and church metal buildings are a great example of this being true. As each new metal church is built, America gets to see that they are an amazing choice for all communities. Choosing steel church buildings is a great economical decision, and it will serve the community for many years to come.

At Safeway Steel, we take pride in offering prefab church buildings designed by a well-qualified and experienced team who understand the need to create a building that you are going to love. Call today at +1 (800) 818-2245 to find out what we can do for you – you won’t regret it.


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