Large Metal Buildings – Everything You Need to Know
Mar 2021

Large Metal Buildings – Everything You Need to Know

Stephan Michaels
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Sometimes, a regular building just won’t cut it. You need a large metal building, with plenty of interior space. Large metal buildings from Safeway Steel have a clear-span interior, leaving ample space inside. This space is ideal for large storage, ample workspace, or just about anything you may require one for. It’s the large metal building’s customizability that makes them an essential part of everyday communities.

Features of Large Metal Buildings

Large steel buildings come with various features unique to their size and class, each reinforcing their most desirable qualities. Large metal buildings come equipped with:

  • Clear-span interior for optimum storage space
  • Large storage space with the ability for multiple applications (for example, vehicle storage and auto repair in one location)
  • Vertical roofing style
  • Optional windows, walk-in doors, or roll-up garage doors on any wall
  • Ability to create a completely open, partially open, or enclosed structure
  • Gabled ends available
  • Open vs. closed ends
  • Side paneling to partially or fully enclose the walls
  • Available in several colors
  • Double wide buildings are between 30′ and 60′ in width
  • Can be installed at almost any length and height required by buyer
  • 14-gauge galvanized steel frame (12-gauge upgrade optional)
  • 3:12 pitch roof
  • 29-gauge & 26-gauge roofing – built to handle heavy snow loads
  • Auger anchors optional for superior wind resistance
  • Certification available

Great Uses for Large Metal Buildings

There are numerous reasons for owning a giant steel building, from storing large valuables to creating an area to work on significant projects; the building’s clear-span interior makes them ideal. Having no columns getting in the way makes the interior a blank canvas that you can turn into:

Automobile Repair Shop – Large metal buildings are perfect for such shops. They’re easy to maintain, practical when you have many oil spills, and fire-resistant in case of any accidents.

Personal Workshop – Whatever your personal projects are, a large metal building is an ideal place to get some work done.

Personal or Commercial Vehicle Storage – If you own a fleet of cars, boats, airplanes, taxis, a large metal building is a perfect place to keep them safe. The same applies to private collectors as well.

Agricultural Building – Hydroponic growing has become hugely popular in gardening, and large metal buildings can offer the perfect setup for a lot of plants.

Commercial Building – Large metal buildings have plenty of room for customers to visit commercial buildings of all kinds.

Community Center – Make your large metal building a staple of your community, a place for children or church groups to gather.

Farm Equipment Storage – Even outside of rural areas, farm equipment needs a safe place away from inclement weather, and the size of the equipment warrants a large metal building.

Horse Barn – Stables and horse barns work perfectly in large metal buildings, ensuring the animals have plenty of room to move around, never crowding them.

Gym with Plenty of Workout Equipment – Staying fit has become a growth industry in America, and large metal buildings are perfect for gyms for one or several people.

Tennis or Basketball Courts – A large metal building’s clear-span interior makes it perfect to house tennis or basketball courts, with plenty of room for an audience, too.

Fire Station – Large metal buildings are often used to house our nation’s heroes, providing them plenty of space to house their equipment with extra room for barracks.

Factory – Large metal buildings are perfect for factories, with plenty of space to keep manufacturing equipment and employees.

General Storage – Whatever you need to store, a large metal building is a safe area to keep valuables of any kind, or create a storage locker for numerous customers.

Large Metal Buildings That Hold-Up Against Snow and Wind

Large, prefabricated metal buildings come with a vertical roof, allowing snow and rain to slide off easily. Furthermore, large metal buildings are equipped with a truss supporting each bow. This makes them capable of withstanding winds up to 170 mph.

Building Permits for Large Metal Buildings

If you’re planning to install a large metal building, you’ll likely need a permit. Any structure more extensive than a storage shed fall under city ordinances and requires permits to ensure the construction is sound. More importantly, having a permit makes it insurable and easy to sell on the market in the future.

You, or the property owner, are responsible for getting any necessary permits. It’s essential to know your area’s zoning regulations, and these should be easy to find online. Once you’ve learned about the required paperwork and what jurisdiction your building is under, filing for a permit is easy. Some cities even allow you to do it electronically.

Large Metal Buildings for Sale at Safeway Steel

The cost of a large metal building depends on numerous factors, including the size, location, what customizations are selected, and the manufacturer chosen. But you want to be sure you’re paying for quality. Safeway Steel is the top dealer in U.S. steel, for which there’s no comparison.

This means that Safeway Steel only deals in high-quality large metal buildings. If you’re in the market for a large metal building for sale, Safeway Steel is the best option for customers looking to save while still getting quality.

Get Your Large Metal Building Today!

As you can see, there are plenty of creative and necessary reasons for owning a large metal building, and we’re excited to offer a line at an affordable price. Safeway Steel’s highly trained design consultants are ready to walk you through the finer point. Call Safeway Steel today at +1 (800) 818-2245.


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