How Steel Buildings are Helping Virginia’s Agricultural and Food Processing Industry
Jun 2021

How Steel Buildings are Helping Virginia’s Agricultural and Food Processing Industry

Stephan Michaels
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Agriculture occupies 32% of Virginia’s land, providing over 350,000 jobs to residents. While produce such as vegetables, fruits, and grains are grown, cattle, dairy, and turkey are significant components of the agriculture industry as well. Due to the excellence in producing these food products, Virginia’s food and beverage industry has seen tremendous growth.

Virginia’s convenient eastern United States location and massive agricultural production have led to a decade of growth in beverage and food production companies either expanding their businesses or relocating to Virginia. This has resulted in the creation of over 7,300 new jobs for Virginians in recent years.

The growth of the agriculture industry has been a boon to Virginia’s economy. However, it has led to some unique challenges concerning storage, production, and the availability of manufacturing facilities. Metal buildings have rapidly emerged as a solution to quickly and securely continue the agricultural expansion without sacrificing quality storage standards.

9 Metal Building Benefits for Virginia’s Agricultural and Industrial Industries

Virginia’s farmland covers 7.8 million acres with over 43,000 farms. The economic impact of the agricultural industry is a staggering $70 billion, providing 334,000 jobs. It is the largest industry in Virginia, and protecting the assets of the farms is essential to keep the industry running smoothly.

With the nation’s food flowing through the Port of Virginia, farmers, ranchers, and industry decision-makers are continually searching for solutions when it comes to advanced storage needs. Metal buildings in Virginia are the premier choice for safe and effective storage for farm equipment, animals, and other agricultural products and supplies.

Benefits of Metal Buildings to the Agricultural Industry

  1. Storage Needs – As a farm, ranch, or processing plant grows, the need for additional storage increases. Should any of these operations experience expansion or acquire another agricultural business, installing metal buildings solves an immediate storage need. That makes it easier for any operation to transition quickly, with no disruption to the company.
  2. Cost-Effective – Any savvy business owner or Chief Financial Officer will constantly scrutinize labor and material costs. When comparing the investment between a metal building to traditional building construction, there is a vast price difference. Also, many construction storage projects get stalled due to building code compliance, which a steel building could resolve.
  3. Strong Structures – Steel agricultural buildings have become one of the leading problem-solvers for storing large tractors, heavy equipment, hay, sand, grain, or other perishable items.
  4. Durable – We’ve designed and built our Metal buildings specifically to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions. For instance, hurricane-force winds, destructive thunderstorms, scorching summer heat, and subzero winter temperatures. Also, steel buildings are the perfect pest control deterrent of termites and carpenter ants because of the elimination of wood framing and trusses.
  5. Customization Potential – As with any building construction, customization is available for steel buildings. The structure can be tall, long, short, with or without beams or trusses, standalone, or an expansion add-on. The design possibilities are endless.
  6. Environment Friendly – Steel buildings are more environmentally friendly than traditional building construction. That is made possible due to design standards. These structures are incorporating more recyclable materials to reduce their carbon footprint. Also, wood framing, wood roofing material, and trusses no longer used, reduce the impact on forests and natural habitats to help keep the ecosystem in balance.
  7. Large Buildings – Large steel buildings have become staples for these sectors in the airline and industrial spaces. For instance, the airline industry needs a large hangar to store, service, and repair its fleet of airplanes. Industrial facilities install large-scale complexes, production plants, factories, retail shops, warehouses, office complexes, and service centers.
  8. Fire-Resistant – Metal buildings have a non-flammable and non-combustible material built into the design and construction. We rigorously test composite metal building for fire resistance. That benefit alone allows for building code compliance, where a wood-based alternative may fail.
  9. Low-Maintenance – By their design, steel buildings are low-maintenance structures. With agricultural steel buildings, there is less maintenance than buildings constructed from traditional materials. That helps owners save money over the life of the building by reducing operating budgets and replacement projects.

What are the Different Types of Agricultural and Industrial Metal Buildings?

When looking for the perfect type of metal building solution, prefabricated steel building kits for agricultural and industrial needs are an option to consider. Depending on the market, here are seven metal building options to consider;

  • Storage Buildings – Whether it’s for retail, standard or heavy equipment storage, body shop, or vehicle maintenance, industrial-grade metal storage buildings are rugged solutions. The same toughness and versatility also apply for storage needs such as hay, grain, feed, potted plants, bark dust, and fertilizer bags.
  • Dairy/Livestock Buildings – Pre-engineered steel dairy barns are the sturdiest, safest, most energy-efficient dairy outfits on the market. They cost less than other types of dairy structure. Steel is unaffected by pests, moisture, and rot; it is non-combustible and can withstand severe weather conditions.
  • Sheds – These steel buildings are a cost-effective solution used in many settings and not just for storing landscaping or lawn care equipment.
  • Garages – There are different options to choose from, metal garage kits, prefabricated metal garage, shipping container garage, and RV garage storage. They come in different sizes, shapes, models. If it’s for personal use or a new car dealership is opening up, industrial-grade steel garage buildings are affordable.
  • Industrial Buildings – This choice gives the buyer the option to have a single-level and multi-level steel building designed and constructed. You can use industrial metal buildings for factories, warehouses, office buildings, and even retail locations. The critical thing to remember, industrial buildings must comply with local and state building codes.
  • Farm and Barn Buildings – Metal farm buildings are perfect for storing grain or housing animals. Similar to industrial facilities, farm and barn buildings do have single-level and multi-level options.
  • Workshops – Metal storage workshops are multi-functional structures and perfect for DIYers. With the steel workshop, the building design allows for a standard entrance door and garage door installation. Those features give the occupant different entry points, e.g., walk-in or drive-in. These buildings are certified for heavy snow loads and high winds.

Explore the Wide Range of Metal Buildings from Safeway Steel

As you can see, steel buildings help Virginia’s Agricultural and Food Processing Industries, but they can help you too. As the leading dealer of American-made steel buildings, Safeway Steel has many options for you to consider.

Whether it’s storing grain and livestock, expanding an existing office complex, or finally getting that metal storage workshop, it would be our privilege to assist you.

With our highly trained and experienced team of professionals, we can help you design and build your steel building. For additional help or to answer your questions, give Safeway Steel a call today at +1 (800) 818-2245!


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