Facing Storage Issues? Mini Storage Buildings Can Help!
Oct 2019

Facing Storage Issues? Mini Storage Buildings Can Help!

Are you facing storage issues at your workspace? We have an apt solution for all the clutter – Mini storage buildings! These buildings are immensely versatile – built with some great benefits. Read on to discover how having prefab mini storage buildings are ideal for your storage needs!

You Can Effectively Fulfill Your Record-Keeping Requirements

Many industries have stringent record-keeping and record-retention requirements, and though those records are rarely needed, they still take up valuable space that you could be using to grow your business. When you add a self-storage building to your business property, you gain a safe location where you can keep all of your mandatory records in a single, easy-to-access location. Instead of constantly fighting to work around your stored records, you can store them away from the rest of your business activities, which both protects them from potential harm, such as a spilled coffee, as well as allowing you to better use the space you have available.

You Can Save Up To $1,500 Per Month

Though it can be tempting to simply look for extra office space to store your records, those records don’t need to be kept in the same comfortable environment as your staff. When you decide to rent or buy additional office space for document storage, your monthly expense can be as high as $1,500 per month. By comparison, renting metal mini storage buildings save a significant amount of money, often requiring a payment of $100 or less per month. What could your business do with an extra $1,400 per month? Invest in new software? Improve your marketing messages? Hire more of the right people to help grow your business? Expand your operation? When these possibilities are available, why would you waste that much money on simple document storage?

Mini Storage Building

Your Records and Documents Will Be Safe In Mini Storage Buildings

How secure is your current document storage? Office buildings are subject to air pollution, break-ins, theft, termites, fire, and water damage, largely because of the number of people passing through those spaces within an average workday. However, prefab mini storage buildings work well to protect your documents from this type of activity, as the overall number of people accessing the storage building on a daily basis is much, much lower than your average office building, allowing you to breathe easy knowing that your documents are stored safely. With airtight or very well protected environments, these structures are ideal for your document storage needs.

You Can Save Your Office Space For Business Expansion

What would you do with your business if you didn’t have those old records taking up valuable space in your business? Instead of wasting that space with storage of documents that you’ll rarely access, you can add office space for additional employees, a server room for new computer equipment that is part of your digitization process, create additional waiting areas for your clients or any number of other potential uses. Instead of wasting that valuable space, consider moving your business documents and records to metal mini storage buildings and avoid the expense of expanding your operation by renting even more office space. This allows you to expand your business activities with minimal investment, reducing your overall risk during the process.

Ready for a Successful Investment?

Metal mini storage buildings deliver solid protection of your business records and documents, without wasting your existing space that could be put to better use or wasting money renting additional office space. Safeway Steel is the best dealer in mini storage buildings that will do an exceptional job of providing short- and long-term storage solutions for your business while saving time, money, and expensive office space for where it’s needed most.

As a well-established dealer in the Metal Building industry, Safeway Steel Buildings has over 20 years of experience. Whether you want to talk with our highly trained design consultants, need quick delivery or are looking for exceptional customer service, we’re happy to exceed your every expectation. Please feel free to reach out today with any questions on +1 (800) 818-2245, for more information or to make arrangements for your storage needs.


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