Jan 2017

Can Steel Buildings Be Used For Homes

Steel Buildings are a new popular choice for many new home buyers looking to save costs.  Custom building your own Metal Building home is extremely exciting! The clearspan frames and overall quality of building can not be matched with traditional home buying methods.  One of the best advantages of a steel building is that it can meet high snow and wind loads without additional expensive costs.  This drives down the overall price of your building and allows you to put that money towards interior design and other design options.

Ease Of Building

The overall ease of building your own Steel Building Home is probably one of the biggest reasons residential consumers choose to go with Steel Building Homes.  You could even build it yourself if you really wanted to.  With our easy bolt together design and step by step instructions, you could save hundreds if not thousands on overall construction costs.  We recommend hiring a contractor for such a project, but we do not discourage DIY Building either. Our team will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure you understand what is involved before you consider doing it yourself.


I don’t think we can mention this enough.  When compared to traditional home building, your cost is dramatically lower.  Customers that would have spent over $400,000 on their homes could erect the same building with savings up to 70% off the traditional residential building costs.

Can Safeway Steel Buildings Build A Home For Me?

We have many highly qualified teams of steel building erectors nationwide, very capable of erecting your residential steel building, but residential homes need more then just erection.  That is why we suggest buying the frame from us. Saving Big in the process, then hiring a general contractor that can design or build out the rest of the home for you. As we mentioned earlier, you could even try to do it yourself; if you feel up to the task.  If you need help finding a General Contractor in your area, your project manager from Safeway Steel Buildings can help with that process. They maybe able to negotiate better prices for you as well!

What Are The Safeway Requirements Before I Build a Home?

  • Must Have Land Already or in process of buying land.
  • Basic Sketch of what you are looking to accomplish.
  • Budget for Home Building Project.

Pretty simple right?  Residential Home Construction is pretty simple as long as you already have land or already in the process of buying land.  Our designers will be more then happy to discuss your plans with you, even if you don’t have land available ye, but knowing where the building will be placed, how much square footage is available, and expectations of costs, goes a long way into understanding how big or small your Homes Structure can be.

If you have questions about Building a Home with Safeway Steel Buildings.  Contact our Design Team Today.



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