What Costs Less – Steel or Wood Buildings?
Feb 2021

What Costs Less – Steel or Wood Buildings?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Safeway Steel Buildings is whether steel buildings cost more or less than wood buildings. With so many different ideas and opinions, we have put together this guide to help you decide which type of building will be more cost-effective for you – wood or steel structures.

The Facts of the Argument

To help you get a good understanding of which product is better and why we have put together a pros and cons list for each to give you the most accurate overview of the main argument.

Steel – Pros

  • Steel is more eco-friendly – when prefab steel buildings have reached the end of their life, they can be recycled and reused again.
  • Steel is stronger – steel is one of the strongest building materials available, meaning that your new building will be too.
  • Steel has a long-life span – not only do prefabricated steel buildings last for many decades, but they also need minimal maintenance.
  • Steel is versatile – with so many different types of steel buildings, you can use this material to create a bespoke building that is designed to fit your needs.

Steel – Cons

  • Steel can look industrial – if you choose an installer that does not have experience of building different types of steel buildings, then you may end up with a building that looks industrial. However, this can be avoided with the right installer and the right design company.

Wood – Pros

  • Wood is versatile – if you are willing to pay for the best craftspeople, then your wooden building can be made to look any way you want it to.
  • Wood gives a natural look – when a wood building has been constructed, it provides a natural finish that many people like.

Wood – Cons

  • Wood does not have a great lifespan – no matter the quality you find, no wood will be able to match the lifespan of steel.
  • Wood needs regular maintenance – with problems such as termites and rot, you will need to maintain your wood at least once a year to keep it in good condition.
  • Wood does not cope well with the weather – if you live in an area with extreme weather, then wood is not a great choice because it loses strength with the fluctuating temperatures.
  • Wood comes in varying qualities – not all wood is the same, and if you choose to opt for a cheaper product, then you may find that it is not up to the job. Check the quality before you commit to buying.

What Should I Choose? Steel or Wood?

When it comes to deciding which material is better, we at Safeway Steel Buildings are openly biased. We love steel buildings, especially when you consider how versatile they are. However, it is clear to see that steel lasts longer, is easier to install, offers great durability, and does not succumb to pests like termites. Plus, steel structures need next to no maintenance, meaning you can focus on what is important rather than worrying about checking the safety of your property each year. Put simply – steel is the way forward!

Other Considerations When Choosing Between Wood and Steel Buildings

In addition to considering, which is fundamentally better, it is also important to check out other considerations before you make your purchase. We have taken the top three things that we think you should think about and shared them below:

Design Options and Customizations

If you are planning to build a new home, then you are almost certainly going to want to personalize the building to suit your design needs and tastes. It is true that wooden buildings can be ornately designed to suit your needs, but it is also true that doing this will cost a lot of money and time.

Many people think that steel buildings come in one shape and size, but this is not true. In fact, when you come to Safeway Steel Buildings, you can work with us to design and customize your new building to fit your needs and your style. The other great thing about steel is that it can be modified and extended in the future if you ever want to add on to your structure.

What Your New Build Will Look Like

When it comes to picking a new building based on the way it looks, then it is easy to see why many people think that wood is the best way forward. However, creating an intricately designed building that needs to be painted, treated, and stained will cost a fortune every time.

Rather than believing that steel lacks in the aesthetic department, take a moment to check out the huge range of customization you can enjoy. From a range of color choices to doors, windows, and panels, these buildings can now be made to look beautiful for all purposes.

How Much You Will be Spending

For most of us, the cost is a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a new building, and many people get sucked into believing that because wood is cheaper to buy, then a wooden building is cheaper. This is not the case.

  • Firstly, wooden buildings have ongoing maintenance needs that will cost you each year, and then you will need to add the cost of any specialist treatments that are required.
  • Next, wooden buildings take a lot of manpower to construct, which adds a lot onto construction fees, whereas steel just bolts together and can be installed at speed.
  • Wooden houses are also combustible, meaning that they can burn and then will need to be partially or fully rebuilt. With steel, you will not need to worry as they are not combustible.
  • Ultimately, wooden building materials are cheaper, but the ongoing costs and building costs make them much more expensive than you could ever imagine. Steel is, therefore, the cheaper and more trustworthy material to choose.

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