Are Steel Buildings Cheaper Than Wood?

An extremely popular question is, are steel buildings cheaper than wood?  This hotly debated questions has gone on for years and even after this article the argument will live on. The most popular aspect of any argument always comes down to the facts at hand.  So lets us break it down for you:

Facts Of Steel | For It:

  • Better For the Environment.  – Steel and Metal can be recycled and reused time and time again.
  • Strength – You drive in it.  Would you feel safer in a Wood Car or a Car made out of steel?  The durability and strength of steel is reason enough to choose steel.
  • Life – Unless the Metal or Steel you are using starts to rust away, Steel will last for years without any maintenance at all.
  • Versatility – Steel and Metal can be molded into any shape or design needed for a given project.

Facts Of Steel | Against It:

  • Heavier – You can not transport as much steel as you could with wood for the same cost.  This increases overall price.
  • Look – If not designed well, the look and feel can look very industrial.  Not everyone likes that look.
  • Modification – Once the steel has been formed, it is hard to customize it in the future without additional work or welding.

Facts Of Wood | For It:

  • Natural Look – Wood provides customers with a natural look that can easily be modified to go with a specific design scheme.
  • Shipping Cost – You can usually readily find wood in local hardware stores, so the cost of shipping is lower then steel.
  • Versatility – You can easily shape wood to anything you would need with the proper tools.  It is a very versatile Material

Facts Of Wood | Against It:

  • Longevity – The life of wood can not match how long steel can survive.
  • Weather and Elements – Wood does not fair well when exposed to differences in temperatures or heavy snow and wind loads.  To ensure proper load bearing heavier more expensive wood is needed.
  • Maintenance – Not only are termites an issue, but you also run into other common wood issues like bowing, cracking, and drying of wood.  This adds extra costs to the life of wood for repairs.
  • Quality – Not all wood is made the same as it is a natural element.  You won’t know of any structural issues sometimes until the future when it becomes a problem.

So what is the Better Choice Steel or Wood?

Obviously Safeway Steel Buildings hold a biased towards steel but that is not why we recommend Steel Buildings over Wood Buildings.  We recommend steel buildings because it will save you in overall costs in the long run.  You don’t have to worry about fire, termites, poor quality wood, or a number of other factors that costs businesses and home owners tons of money over the years.  Steel Buildings are Virtually Maintenance Free and the costs of wood vs steel is almost negligible in today’s market.

If that is true why are so many buildings still made out of wood?

There is a mix of reasons for this actually, one of the main reasons is society as a whole.  We have been building wood buildings since we had tools to do so and we have many professional building contractors that have only been trained in building wood buildings.  So at the end of the day we would love to sell steel buildings to every building contractor nationwide, but the transition to steel buildings is a slow process as there is a lot of history in wood buildings.  It is not that wood is better then steel, it is just one of the larger markets that requires a slow transition over time.  As more and more wood building customers come on board and realize how easy it is to build a steel building, you will see more and more contractors offering more options for both in the future.

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