How to Adjust Your Metal Roll-Up Doors
Jan 2021

How to Adjust Your Metal Roll-Up Doors

Stephan Michaels
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Most of the time, when someone has a problem getting their metal roll-up door to open or close, the problem can be traced back to needing to adjust your spring tension. Keeping the metal door properly adjusted is an integral part of maintenance and will increase your door’s longevity.

One of the best tools for quickly and efficiently accomplishing this job is a particular innovation, the DBCI-exclusive tension set bracket. This bracket makes metal garage roll-up doors much safer and more comfortable to fix. It allows a professional to readjust the door in a matter of moments, unlike the old kind, which could take a technician hours. You should check the tension periodically to make sure it doesn’t need to be readjusted.

You can find this tension set bracket exclusively on the DBCI 650 and 690 Series. The 650 Series takes less maintenance than most commercial roll-up doors because it doesn’t have bulky, heavy elements that some other doors have. Its springs are easy to access. These are great roll-up doors that are easy to work with and maintain.

The 690 Series is a strong and tough door. It is made to meet load requirements and never buckle, bow, or misalign. This door requires very little maintenance and is easy to access and inspect. To keep the door gliding smoothly, check that the left spring hook is fully engaged with the tensioner tang.

It is suggested to check the tension at the time of installation and periodically over the course of a year.


How to Gauge Roll-Up Door Tension

Generally speaking, if you find your roll-up door hard to open, you probably need more spring tension. If your door is difficult to close, you likely will need to decrease the tension. Although these doors are designed to be very easy for you to access and inspect, and you can efficiently perform maintenance, it is still highly recommended that you call a professional technician for any significant repairs or installation of metal roll-up doors.

If you feel comfortable adjusting the door yourself, make sure that the door is fully open with the curtain wrapped on drums for safety. You will also need a 5/16″ Allen wrench to work on your metal roll-up door.

How to Adjust Tension and Lubricate your Metal Roll-Up Door

Make sure the door is in the open position. Insert a 5/16″ Allen wrench in the exposed drive (adjust clockwise to reduce tension and counterclockwise to increase tension). You can use a variable speed drill set at a low speed for this as well. You will also want to make sure that you keep the springs greased with a lithium-based grease to prevent corrosion and maintain efficiency. This will also keep them free of dirt longer, which will keep them working better.

Metal Roll-Up Doors are Great for Storage Buildings

Steel roll-up doors are great for storage buildings because they are cost-effective and easy to install. They are convenient as an access point for metal storage buildings because they give enough room to load and unload, as well as provide excellent security.

Quality Matters with Metal Roll-Up Doors

Having quality doors means that your steel building will have better security. The durability of steel makes it better suited to handle heavy traffic and rough weather, which means you don’t need to repair or replace your doors as often.

Metal Roll-Up Doors are Easy to Install

As with any project, the most important thing is doing it correctly. Make sure you have read and fully understand the directions for installing a metal roll-up door before your try to begin. Keep the directions handy for reference while you work.

It will be much easier to install your door if you use efficiently designed products. This is especially true of tension set brackets. When they correctly support the full door weight, it can significantly decrease installation and roll-up door adjustment time. It is also imperative that you do not wind the springs too tight, as this can lead to sudden slams and is a dangerous hazard.

Metal doors do not warp, rot, crack, or even dent. You can expect your metal door to last at least thirty years, and likely longer!

Don’t Forget About Spring Tension Maintenance

You should check the roll-up door spring tension monthly, or as often as possible beyond that. The spring must stay in good working order to protect the longevity of your door, as well as keep it functioning safely.

DBCI Roll-up doors
Premium DBCI Roll-Up Doors


Premium DBCI Roll-Up Doors

The DBCI Roll-Up Doors Series is a customer favorite because they are so easy to use and cost-effective. These doors will last you for years with less maintenance and hassle than other doors on the market. They also come with lots of great options to meet your specific needs.

    • 650 Series Metal Roll-Up Door

The 650 Series is designed to be low maintenance and easy to use. The inclusion of the innovative DBCI tension bracket mentioned above will mean a lot less maintenance in the long run!

    • 690 Series Metal Roll-Up Doors

The 690 Series is made to be tough and reliable. These doors are strong enough to handle rough weather, even excessively high winds like those produced by hurricanes or tornadoes.

The Importance of Quick and Easy Tension Adjustments

Adjusting the tension is likely the only maintenance that your metal roll-up door will require. That means when you are buying your door, it is vital to make sure you are getting quality brackets and choosing a door designed so that you can easily access the springs for inspection and maintenance.

Top Quality Metal Roll-Up Doors

Quality and value will be an essential part of your decision when selecting a metal roll-up door. With more than 20 years of experience in offering the best service at the most reasonable prices, Safeway Steel has exceptional design consultants that will help you choose the best door to meet all of your metal building needs.

Don’t delay any longer in getting a metal roll-up door of your very own. For a quick quote on a quality metal roll-up door that can last a lifetime, give Safeway Steel a call today at +1 (800) 818-2245!


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