3 Benefits of Metal Church Buildings Over Wooden Church Buildings
Sep 2019

3 Benefits of Metal Church Buildings Over Wooden Church Buildings

Stephan Michaels
Wood VS Steel

If you’re about to construct a new church building, consider the benefits of metal. Compared to wooden church buildings, metal buildings are faster to construct, easier to maintain, and more cost-effective. An elegant metal building will not only preserve more of your budget, but will last a long time with minimal maintenance. Here are some of the benefits of metal and steel buildings over wooden buildings.

Wood vs. Steel: Which Will Stand the Test of Time?

There’s a reason why steel church buildings are becoming more popular. Not only can they be constructed quickly, but they are often a fraction of the cost. Here are the major advantages:

    • Get an environmentally-friendly, sustainable solution.

Metal buildings are extraordinarily consistent: you will get exactly what you ordered. When you buy a metal building, you often order it in a pre-engineered, prefab format, and it’s then erected on site. You know exactly how the end product will look. If the building is ever deconstructed, the steel can be recycled, making it more environmentally friendly than a wood structure. With many concerns surrounding the sustainability of the timber industry, steel is often seen as the most ecologically responsible option. Finally, steel is resistant against water, fire, mold, and other damage, which wood is not.

    • Make your budget go farther.

A steel building can usually be constructed at perhaps half the cost of a wooden church building. If you’re working with a budget, you can use steel to achieve more than you otherwise could achieve. Metal churches allow you to save on labor, because they are so easy to construct and can be erected quickly on site. Plus, the cost of the metal itself is less than the cost of wood.

    • Get a timeless look with low maintenance.

In terms of maintenance, a metal church can pay for itself over time. A wooden church needs to be controlled for pests, moisture, and mold. Steel buildings are resistant to these issues. Metal churches will be more durable and require fewer repairs. Over time, they’ll remain attractive and functional. When creating a house of worship and a community center, it’s important that the building be welcoming and comfortable.

Our Pre-Engineered Metal Church Building Process

Our building specialists can help you streamline your metal church building process, ensuring that your construction deadlines are met. From selecting the right building, pouring a solid foundation, and getting your building erected, we can help you plan your building strategies. Our prefab metal for church buildings make building your church faster, and ensures that the building lasts for a long time to come.

Why Buying Metal Church Buildings From Safeway Steel Is The Best Option?

Safeway Steel offers uncompromising building quality, support, processes, and installation. From fast delivery to comprehensive warranties, Safeway Steel will ensure that you get the product that you need, and that your church is built to be high-quality, attractive, and cost-effective. Safeway Steel has years of experience in metal building industry, as well as a sterling reputation. Contact our building specialist on +1 (800) 818-2245 for more information about our process and our metal buildings.


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