Steel Building Accessories

>Gutters & Trim

Standard Gutters & Downspouts

The contour design efficiently controls drainage from rain and snow.

Flashing and Trim

Oversized architectural trim combines with roof and wall closures.

Continuous Ridge Ventilators

Also available as non-continuous in 9″ or 12″ throat models. Comes standard with flat skirt, bird screen, operator and dampers.

Circular Ventilators

Comes in 20″ or 24″ throat models with corrugated or flat flashing. Can be mounted on ridge or hillside with damper and screen standard.

Standard Wall Louvers

Easy to install on site. Available in standard rectangular or custom shapes.

Industrial Gravity Ventilators

10′ ridge ventilator of large capacity with mechanical damper and bird screen.

Low Profile Ventilators

10′ low profile ridge ventilator available with bird screen and mechanical damper.

Summit Hoods and Roof Curbs

Sold separately and built to mechanical specifications.

Roof Jacks

Preformed flashing for sealing roof penetrations such as plumbing vents and metal chimneys.

Horizontal Slide Windows

Completely assembled, easy to install on site, available in all popular sizes.


Translucent panels provide inexpensive interior lighting by letting in natural sunlight.


Available in 2, 3 and 4-foot square models. Adds charm to your building yet is functional as a vent.


Also available in a variety of sizes and styles. Ideal for added shade and protection from inclement weather for windows and doors.


Simple Saver Systems

Yields full designed insulation values without compression or voids. Properly sealed, these roof and wall systems prevent air infiltration and isolate the conductive steel structure from interior space stopping over 90% of heat transfer.

Standard Insulation Systems

The insulation is installed over and perpendicular to the purlins and girts. The exterior roof or wall sheets are fastened to the purlins and girts holding the insulation in place.

Door Accessories

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