Shop Primer

Shop Primer

According to SSPC (Society of Protective Coatings), shop coat primers are intended for protection for only a short period of exposure in ordinary atmospheric conditions, and are considered a temporary and provisional coating. These primers are designed only to protect the steel from flash rusting during transportation, not protection from long-term exterior exposure on a jobsite or as part of a coating system. The severity of exposure to weather can vary over short distances, sometimes dramatically, due to factors such as, wind, salt spray, condensation, fumes, and the use of de-icing chemicals.

The shop applied primer may require field/touch up repair as a result of, but not limited to, the following conditions:

1) Abrasions from: Bundling, banding, loading and unloading, chains, dunnage and handling during the erection process:

NOTE: Rust should be expected at any abrasions.

2) Dirt.

3) Diesel smoke.

4) Road Salt or Job site Salt.

5) Weather conditions during field storage.

Safeway Steel shall not be responsible for the condition of the primer if it is not properly protected after delivery (or stored outside due to delayed deliveries). Material should be kept clear of the ground and positioned to minimize water ponding. ABC recommends following the guidelines in the “General Erection Guide” for unloading, staging, and jobsite storage of shop primed materials to minimize the need for touching up the primed parts. Please note that the Manufacturer is not responsible for repairs of damage to primed surfaces due to improper field storage or site/transit conditions.

You can be assured that Safeway Steel is striving to ensure you receive a quality product the first time!

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