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Why Customers Choose Safeway Steel Buildings

Class A Contractor

All American Support

Fully Customized Buildings

Need a building erected here in Virginia or Nationwide?  We employ our own crews and team up with contractors nationwide to erect your building!  Rest Assured your Prefabricated Steel Building is handled by experts in the industry.  Call Today for more information 1-800-818-2245

All American Support.  Your project is assigned a Project Manager that will ensure your Metal Building is designed and delivered to your exact specifications.  With over 20 Years of experience in the steel building industry you know you are getting the best.

We prefabricate your building to exact specs. Buildings meet state and local codes ensuring the safest building we can build.  We also provide a full instruction manual for DIY Projects.  Safeway Steel delivers Building Solutions for any building size building project on the market.

Send Your Projects Dimensions, Get A Quote

Safeway Steel Quotes Are Simple. We do not spam you and we only contact you in regards to your building construction project. We ask the minimal amount of information we need and provide you basic pricing on a building. Contact us today and get a building quote.

The Safeway Steel Difference

Safeway Steel prides itself on being one of the only Building Companies in the United States to both Sell & Erect Buildings worldwide!  We maintain an A+ rating with the BBB and have over 20+ Years in the Metal & Steel Building industry.  We are also one of the only companies that provide you a project manager from start to finish.  Your support & steel are handled right here in the United States ensuring the highest quality and fastest responses from our steel building experts. When you are looking to erect or simply purchase a steel building for a Do-It-Yourself steel building project.  Safeway Steel is the #1 Source for all of your steel building needs!

Direct Delivery Coast To Coast.  Your project manager will work for you to have your building delivered on time and to spec.

Totally Integrated Manufacturing Facility Produces a Complete Pre-engineered Steel Building. Amazing quality at affordable costs!

Save 50% to 60% over Traditional Construction Costs.  Dealing directly with the factory, we get you prices you could not imagine.

Dedicated In-House Engineering and Drafting Services. Never outsourcing and always connecting you to a team that can help.  Your building will be on budget and delivered on time.  Contact us today to get your next building with Safeway Steel

Long Lasting Warranties on prefabricated steel buildings that last year after year. We pride ourselves on the quality of our buildings. Contact the Safeway Steel Professionals today to get started and get your building drafted today!

Payment Options Available to suit your needs.  Government, Residential, Commercial or Industrial.  Only a Small Deposit required to get your building into production. Ensuring only a small upfront cost to get started.

Common Uses For Safeway Steel Buildings

Safeway Steel & Metal Buildings have a wide range of uses, well beyond the small list we have accumulated below.  Safeway steel has been involved in many construction projects over the past 20+ years we have been in the metal building industry.  Our buildings are perfect for DIY (Do It Yourself) projects as well as large industrial & commercial projects.  We dare you to give us a building we could not design.  Call today 1-800-818-2245

  • Hangars
  • Garages
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Arenas
  • Carports
  • Pagodas
  • Community Centers
  • Professional Facilities
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Two Floor Garages
  • Steel & Metal Homes
  • Riding Arenas
  • Basketball Gyms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Indoor Soccer Fields
  • Indoor Football Training Facilities
  • Construction Vehicle Storage
  • Warehouses
  • Mini Storage Buildings
  • Agriculture & Farm Buildings
  • Indoor Pools
  • Multi Car Commercial Garages
  • Multi Car Residential Garages
  • Garage With Apartments
  • Crane Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Portable Storage Containers
  • Retail Business
  • Construction Steel Frames
  • Barns
  • Aviation Storage Facility
  • Churches

Customer Frequently Asked Questions About Our Buildings

Do You Handle The Construction of the building?

Yes, we are a Class A Contractor.  The cost of your building will be rolled into the cost of erection if we are able to provide a turnkey solution for you building project.  For more information about our Erection & construction services, please contact Safeway Steel Directly for more information.  1-800-818-2245

Is Safeway Steel An American Based Company?

Yes, our entire company is based here in the United States.  You can rest assured that Safeway Steel Manufactures and Delivers your building right here in the United States.  Even our global deliveries are manufactured using American Steel.  If you are looking to only deal with a U.S.A Company you are on the right page.

Is it a hassle to build my own steel building?

Absolutely not!  Our buildings may look complicated, but anybody can put up our Safeway Steel Building.  We provide a full instruction manual specifically created for your building.  These easy to follow instructions will allow you to put up smaller buildings in less than a weekend if not a couple of hours.  Our most popular DIY buildings are Carports & Garages.  Contact a building expert for more information about Do It Yourself Buildings.  Usually only basic tools are needed or can be rented from your local lowes, home depot, or tool supplier in your area.

What are the advantages of Safeway Steel over the competition?

There are tons!  But most customers choose us over the competition because you only deal with one person the entire time.  They are your direct contact from start to finish.  Another reason is because we can actually erect our own buildings.  Most other companies simply sell you a building, we take it one step forward.  Eliminating the headaches of having to find contractors, electricians, plumbers and other aspects of your building you may not have even thought of yet.  The biggest reason of course is cost!  We on average save you up to 50%-60% off traditional building cost.  We our direct to direct pricing for your metal building you get the lowest cost option on our buildings!

How To Contact Safeway Steel

Your Source For Steel Buildings!


Safeway Steel provides over 20+ Years of Steel Building experience.  If you are looking for a simple DIY Garage, or Full Scale Turnkey Construction project.  We have the tools and expertise you need to provide everything you need to have your new metal building on budget and delivered on time.  Why settle for just any building when you can get a Safeway Steel Building for up to half the cost over our competition?  Don’t delay, save huge on your next steel building project with us and learn how Safeway Steel can help you with numerous building projects.  We look forward to hearing from you soon

You Can Contact Safeway Steel 24/7 Over phone or our Easy Online Quote System.  Don’t Delay, we look forward to helping you with your new project!

Contact Us At 1-800-818-2245




Locations We Deliver & Install Steel Buildings

We deliver and erect buildings nationwide!  We can sell you simple DIY Buildings or provide full turnkey solutions for any steel & metal building project.  We utilize our huge network of professional contractors, plumbers, concrete, electricians, and other contacts in the industry to provide you a truly unique structure that is rolled into one cost. We are also a “Class A Contractor” this allows us to drive the overall cost down for your entire building project compared to outsourcing each aspect of the building.  You will never experience another building like Safeway Steels’ Building.  Contact our Building experts today to learn more about our turnkey solutions or DIY Steel Building Projects today in any state or country. 1-800-818-2245

Illinois Indiana

New Hampshire

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota

West Virginia

Safeway Steel Building also provides steel buildings worldwide.  We recently have built buildings in Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Asia, Europe, Australia, Hawaii, Africa, central america, Puerto Rico, and many other countries worldwide.  Due to the complexity of these buildings and deliveries, we require you contact our building experts for more information about international orders of Steel Buildings. 1-800-818-2245

Military & Government Metal Buildings

Under GSA Contract GS-07F-0319K we can provide  pre-engineered steel metal buildings (SIN 361-10A ) for every use, including aircraft hangars, warehouses, small shops and steel storage buildings, industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, equipment and vehicle garages, mini-storage facilities, office buildings, fire stations, truck and bus garages, schools, athletic and recreational facilities, commercial buildings, churches, and roof-only metal building systems. PBR roof or opt for our patented Snap together standing seam metal roofing system or Mechanically seamed metal roofing system.

For More Information Please contact us directly at 1-800-818-2245 for questions related to Building Uses for Military & Government Steel Buildings.  Read More about Government & Military Buildings


Send Your Projects Dimensions, Get A Quote

Safeway Steel Quotes Are Simple. We do not spam you and we only contact you in regards to your building construction project. We ask the minimal amount of information we need and provide you basic pricing on a building. Contact us today and get a building quote.

Contact Safeway Steel Buildings : 1-800-818-2245

If you have questions or concerns.  Do not hesitate to contact Safeway Steel Directly.  For pricing inquiries, partnerships, or custom steel building projects our team is always up for new and exciting Metal Building Projects.  We look forward to hearing from you soon and thank you for your interest in Safeway Steel Buildings today!