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Why A Steel Building?

Custom Design Red Iron Buildings

Custom Design Red Iron Buildings

Why A Steel Building?

Steel buildings are one of the most flexible solutions on the market for just about any project. There durable, virtually maintenance free building solutions that come with it over its more popular wood based counterparts. When you design a Metal Building you can look at what you want, well before you spend a single dollar on purchasing supplies. With the ease of erection, you save huge construction costs.

State Of The Art Building Design

The demanding requirements of today’s building owners are insistent that their building system not only have state-of-the-art designs, but also offer energy efficiency, flexibility, and quick construction times, are all a must. When a steel building is used, design, fabrication, and construction times are greatly reduced. And future expansion is uncomplicated.

Fit For Any Purpose

Safeway Steel Building Systems are all-purpose steel buildings. With different framing systems, such as clear-span or modular, a building can be designed for any project. Everything from manufacturing, warehouses, offices, and retail, Safeway Steel Buildings are applicable in almost every needed project design. In most cases you won’t even know a building is made from steel unless that is the look you are going for. Pre-engineered steel buildings can also be great add on’s to existing construction projects.

Endless Sizes

Pre-engineered steel buildings come in practically limitless sizes, height, width, and length are all determined based on your situation. Especially in Large building projects where you need clearspan interior space. Steel buildings provide the best solution for large clear span distances, not achievable with wood or other types of building materials . Future expansion is limitless because steel buildings allow for unlimited expansion.

Help Save The Environment

Safeway Steel Buildings are famous for their eco-smart use of wasteful materials. Buildings are designed in-house instead of on-site, ensuring no excess material is left over. You only pay for the materials used. Also, each and every piece of your building has been carefully engineered to meet your local loads and codes. This ensures you do not pay for more then you need to meet specific area loads and codes.

Cost Savings

Pre-engineered steel buildings in many project cost less than traditional construction. The construction timeline is also faster and usually always on time with pre-engineered Safeway steel buildings. Since the building just needs to be assembled (think like a lego set), there are rarely any surprise cost increases, as all the hard stuff has already been done. Steel buildings can be assembled and erected by just about anyone, so labor costs are reduced dramatically which you save time and money from having to hire expensive crews.

Quick and Easy Assembly

Since Safeway Steel Buildings are pre-engineered and designed to fit together seamlessly, labor costs are greatly decreased. With pre-punched connections, numbered components, and detailed assembly drawings, building erection has never been easier. At the end of the day, you save big because we have simplified the overall building process for both you and any erectors you may hire for construction.



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