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Sunny Steel: Top 10 Business Ideas for Commercial Metal Buildings in California

Commercial Metal Building

Why You Must Invest in California!

From sunny beaches to stunning peaks, California boasts a rich tapestry of landscapes and culture. Its economic climate is just as diverse, and entrepreneurs are eager to tap the potential offered by the world’s fifth-largest global economy. The limitless opportunities in California are seen in:

Top 10 Business Ideas for Your California Venture

  1. E-Commerce – Jump into the fast-growing world of e-commerce! Why? Because this sector grew over 25% between 2007 and 2012! New internet platforms, apps, and other software developed in California’s Silicon Valley have made online shopping an essential part of the modern retail experience. Over 5,000 e-commerce businesses make CA their home; yours could be next!
  2. Education – Supplementary educational businesses are worth over $3 billion a year. From private instruction in Common Core subjects, such as Maths and English, to fine arts like dance and music, supplementary education is highly lucrative. The sector grew by over 30% between 2007 and 2012. It employs roughly 70,000 CA workers.
  3. Wholesale Electronics – Wholesale businesses purchase bulk products for redistribution to smaller companies. Brokers of the wholesale electronics market in CA trade remotely and provide an essential step in the supply chain of California’s tech industry. The industry only employs 35,000 workers but generates over $80 billion a year.
  4. Shoes – California is home to some of the biggest names in the shoe world: Vans, Toms, etc. This nearly $4 billion industry is an essential part of the glamorous lifestyle associated with California and Hollywood. There are over 3,000 shoe stores in the state!
  5. Beauty – The second-largest industry on our top ten list is the beauty industry. After all, those actors, musicians, and celebrities need to look their best! California has more licensed cosmetologists, beauticians, and massage therapists than any other state. These artists are highly regulated by several business associations, such as the Professional Beauty Federation of California.
  6. Real Estate – California has the largest population in the U.S.A and is forecast to grow another 40 million over the next ten years. In cities where taxes are much higher than elsewhere in America, renting is a more popular choice than ownership. Partially due to the housing collapse of 2008, the leasing and rental market is now a $33 billion industry, employing some 79,000 residents.
  7. Electronics & Appliances – With the average American entirely dependent on a phone for daily life, access to electronics, computer repair, and appliance stores is more crucial than ever. Apple, MobileOne, and Outdoor Tech are all based in California. It’s a $14 billion industry.
  8. Transportation – Whether you’re strong enough to try your hand at “man with a van”, or are simply comfortable with a taxi route, providing transportation can mean big money in California. Many young professionals no longer invest in vehicles or driver’s licenses and are dependent on ride sharing services for their daily commutes.
  9. Small-Scale Manufacturing Business – Are you a crafty, DIY genius? Do you sew? Paint? Enjoy woodworking? Consider investing in yourself and your passions by opening a small-scale business. You, and a few future employees, can create artisanal, high-quality products exactly as you want.
  10. House Cleaning – Pick your own hours and your projects. Be your very own boss when you start a house cleaning business. As the modern family becomes more and more busy, the simple tasks pile up. You can swoop in to save the day and make cash in the process.

Commercial Metal Buildings for California

Safeway Steel & Commercial Metal Buildings in California

It’s time for you to invest in the fantastic California business climate! You deserve a partner who believes in your project when you design your custom commercial metal building – you need Safeway Steel.

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