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Metal Buildings – The Safe Option for Oil and Gas Industries


The United States has experienced a dramatic shift in the oil and gas industries recently because of more friendly domestic policies that encourage the American production of such commodities. Thanks to these more lenient policies, the oil and gas industries in the country have experienced tremendous growth both financially and on a physical scale.

With this growth has come an exponential increase in the demand for the facilities that accompany such operations. Due to the dangerous nature of extracting, storing, and transporting fuels, said facilities must meet stringent safety standards to protect the safety and wellbeing of the workers on-site, nearby communities, and the environment.

Metal buildings from Safeway Steel have developed a reputation as a safe and cost-effective solution for these needs. For more on how steel structures are the ideal choice for the oil and gas industries in the United States, read on!

The Dangers to Oil Rig Workers

Those who work in the oil and gas industries have difficult and dangerous jobs. Each day, they put their lives in harm’s way. Some of the primary threats to these workers include the following.

How Metal Buildings Can Help?

Preventing tragic events from happening and mitigating their damage when they do is key, especially when dealing with volatile substances such as oil and gas. Metal buildings are specifically designed and engineered to do just that.

Stay Safe with Safeway Steel!

Safeway Steel is widely regarded as the best metal building dealer in America’s oil and gas industries thanks to its top-quality buildings, exceptional customer service, and uncompromising commitment to safety. If you are searching for the safest, most cost-effective solution to your oil and gas building needs, give Safeway Steel a call today on +1 (800) 818-2245.

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