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Insulated Roll Up Doors For Steel Buildings

Insulated Roll Up Door Options.

Insulated Roll Up Doors are one of the most neglected add on’s keeping your metal building’s interior climate controlled for comfort as well as for maximizing the life of your structure is essential. Careful consideration to your insulation needs should be taken prior to the erecting of your steel building as it is much more expensive and extremely difficult to retrofit a metal building with insulation after the fact. The cost of insulation represents a small percentage of the total cost of your entire project and should not be neglected!

Commercial Metal Building Roll-up Door Reflective Insulation

As a commercial roll-up door is opened – the curtain of the door is wound around a drum located directly above the door. While this design maximizes the use of the interior steel building space by eliminating the sectional door tracks that would project into the space – it does present a challenge when it comes to insulation. A thick foam or fiberglass insulation would interfere or prevent the roll-up door curtain from wrapping around the drum when hoisted up. The practical alternative is the use of a polyethylene bubble film sandwiched between two protective sheets of strong metalized aluminum polyester film.

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