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House of Hues: Color and the Metal Building Industry

Metal Building Color

In years past, steel buildings were quite limited in terms of the color palette. And aside from some red metal barns, you were more likely to see metal buildings in shades of gray or brown than ones with brighter colors.

However, thanks to modern technology, custom metal buildings come in an endless array of color options. And it’s not simply the roofing or paneling anymore! Modern steel buildings can be coordinated with colored trim and multiple color schemes that give them character and curb appeal.

When shopping for a new metal building, picking the right colors can make all the difference! Below, we’ll discuss current color trends, combinations, and customization options that make a big splash in the metal building industry.

Eye-Catching Color Combination Trends

While metal buildings have advanced enough to offer various color options, bright color schemes have taken a back seat in current color trends. And though these trends come and go, a significant explanation for the popularity of more muted tones can be attributed to the agricultural industry. For years, custom metal buildings in agriculture have used traditional color schemes, from the classic barn reds to darker and lighter earth hues. This is due to farmers and growers choosing building colors that best promote energy efficiency.

For example, farmers in colder climates often choose darker color schemes to preserve internal heat. At the same time, those in more humid regions will prefer lighter colors to maintain a more even internal temperature.

Despite trends leading many buyers away from bright and flashy buildings, metal buildings are designed to give you virtually unlimited customization options. So, choose the color scheme that works for you! There’s no wrong answer when you invest in the strength and versatility of a prefab metal building.

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Metal Building

So, you’ve decided to pull the trigger on a new prefab steel structure. That’s fantastic! But how does one go about choosing the right color combination? If you haven’t already decided, we’ve put together a few critical considerations.

1. Consider Your Overall Look

What statement are you trying to make with your new metal building? Do you want your structure to be bright and bold with dashes of deep reds and blues? Or would you prefer a more quiet, utilitarian color scheme such as muted browns and beige? The choice is yours, but you’ll want to consider the larger picture. Will these colors play well together? Do they add up to a greater whole? By carefully considering your options, you’ll be far more likely to make a choice you’re pleased with.

2. How Will You Use Your Buildings?

The color scheme you choose for your building may vary depending on how you intend to use it. For example, if you intend to use your structure as an agricultural building, you’ll want to choose colors that will complement its energy efficiency. This will ensure that your animals and supplies stay cool even during the hottest days.

However, if your building is being used for more residential purposes, you’ll want to choose shades that are more reasonable for your tastes and needs.

3. Where Will Your Building Be Located?

Again, you’ll want to choose the right color scheme based on where you live. Having a darker building color may be beneficial if you reside in an area that frequently sees freezing temperatures and deep snow accumulation. However, if you expect your structure to struggle with hotter climates, picking a light slate or white color will keep it cool.

4. Consider the Neighbors

You might be the type that wants their building to fit in with a particular neighborhood aesthetic. If this is the case, you can probably get a comprehensive color guide based on the colors your neighbors have chosen.

5. Seeking Energy Efficiency?

As we’ve mentioned several times in this blog, the color of your building will heavily impact its energy efficiency. Darker building colors attract and trap heat, while lighter colors repel it. As such, you’ll want to choose wisely to get the most efficiency from your structure.

6. Roof Color

Just like the rest of your structure, the roof color you choose will also play a large part in the overall look of your building. By using swatches and comparing different roof, trim, and paneling colors, you can choose a combination that works for your needs.

7. Research Trending Colors

Tastes are constantly changing! Pay special attention to popular color choices and combinations to gather samples for your own building project!

How Your Metal Buildings Color Can Save You Money

Once more, it’s worth mentioning that picking the best color scheme for your building is about much more than simple aesthetics. It can even save you money! The Department of Energy has published journals detailing that darker-colored structures can absorb up to 90% of the sun’s energy. The heat is then dispersed throughout your building, increasing the internal temperature.

Therefore, choosing a color scheme with lighter, neutral colors will do much more to promote a comfortable internal temperature. Combining these principles with proper insulation and a working HVAC system, you’ll have one of the most energy-efficient structures on the market.

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