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Can Steel Buildings Collapse Due To Fire

Steel Buildings in general have a high resistance to fire.  This includes the overall structure itself, as well as the components that hold it together. That does not mean it is completely impervious to fire or building collapse.  Depending on the melting point of the steel used and the types of components connecting the building together all play a role in the buildings integrity during a fire.  As long as your building was designed using high quality fire resistant parts as Safeway Steel Buildings are, your building should be able to withstand a standard fire better then other materials but that is not a guarantee.  Some fires burn hotter then others based and the fuel of the fire will determine the longevity of any building.  No matter what material it is made out of.

What is the resistance to fire?

Depending on the different types of alloy Used, metal can withstand up to 2500 degrees(F), but the metal itself can start to become soft at 1,000 Degrees (F).  So even though the steel can withstand high degree temperatures. Components can become weak when put under a heavy load. That load can start to bend or contort the steel until it breaks or snaps.  When compared to other materials in a fire the steel is usually one of the last failures in a steel building ,which makes it much safer then many other structures not made out of steel.

At Safeway Steel Buildings we encourage all customers to take proper precautions to prevent fire hazards.  Rest assured when buying a steel building, your steel has a high degree of resistance to fire but it is not invincible.

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