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Prefabricated Building Kits – Building Kit Pricing

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Prefabricated Building Kits For Sale

Safeway Steel Buildings offers Prefabricated Buildings Kits nationwide.  Our prefabricated steel buildings kits are made out of 100% Red Iron Steel and have an easy patented bolt together design.  From our state-of-the art manufacturing process to the building being delivered to your door.  You can rest assured our Prefabricated Building Kits are of the highest quality.

Some Of The Features of Our Prefabricated Building Kits

  • Easy Bolt Together Design
  • Included Free Step by Step Installation Manual
  • Perfect For any Industry.
  • We Deliver The Building Anywhere in the World.
  • Dedicated Prefabricated Building Manager
  • Building Construction Available For Prefabricated Buildings.

How Do I Buy Your Prefabricated Building Kits?

The process is fairly simple.  Below you find the basic steps to purchase a Prefabricated Building Kit From Safeway Steel:


Contact Us:


  • You discuss your building with our PreFabricated Building Kit Specialists at 1-800-818-2245.  Your building designer is your own personal contact, so use them as a resource as much as you can.
Design Your Prefabricated Building Kit.
  • A 3D model is provided for your to review.  This 3D Building Model can be marked up and changed Unlimited Times; ensuring we have the exact building you are looking to build.  We will constantly regenerate these models until we have your building kit just right.
Pay A Deposit For your Prefabricated Building
  • Once we have your design down you pay a small fee to put your building into production.  Don’t worry this Deposit goes towards your final total so you are not losing any money.  This is security deposit to ensure you real interest in getting started.  This also safeguards your building budget so that you do not have to put up the whole amount upfront.
You Building Kit is Manufactured
  • Once the deposit is received your building is put into the manufacturing line.  Based on the drawings received by your designer our State of The Art manufacturing process starts to build the components that will allow you to assemble your building quickly.  There is no waste created which ensures when your building is delivered there is nothing else you need from us.
Your Prefabricated Building Kit is Delivered
  • This is an exciting day!  Once the building is finished.  Our factory will call you to schedule a delivery time.  Once the delivery time is set, our team will deliver your building to your doorstep.  Once you have paid your final total and review the building components (minus the initial deposit) our crew will unload the truck and you can begin building.
After The Delivery
  • If you have opted for our Turnkey Building Construction Service we will have already scheduled a date to been erection for you.  In many cases our crew is there the same day your building is delivered to get started on your building right away!  For more information about our Building Construction Services for Prefabricated Steel Buildings Kits at 1-800-818-2245.

Learn more about Prefabricated Steel Building Pricing  or get Metal Building Pricing 

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Can Steel Buildings Be Used For Homes

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Can Steel Buildings Be Used For Homes?

Steel Buildings are a new popular choice for many new home buyers looking to save costs.  Custom building your own Metal Building home is extremely exciting! The clearspan frames and overall quality of building can not be matched with traditional home buying methods.  One of the best advantages of a steel building is that it can meet high snow and wind loads without additional expensive costs.  This drives down the overall price of your building and allows you to put that money towards interior design and other design options. Continue reading

Can Steel Buildings Collapse Due To Fire

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Can A Steel Building Collapse Due To Fire?

Steel Buildings in general have a high resistance to fire.  This includes the overall structure itself, as well as the components that hold it together. That does not mean it is completely impervious to fire or building collapse.  Depending on the melting point of the steel used and the types of components connecting the building together all play a role in the buildings integrity during a fire.  As long as your building was designed using high quality fire resistant parts as Safeway Steel Buildings are, your building should be able to withstand a standard fire better then other materials but that is not a guarantee.  Some fires burn hotter then others based and the fuel of the fire will determine the longevity of any building.  No matter what material it is made out of.

Continue reading

What Are Steel Buildings?

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What Are Steel Buildings?

Steel Buildings by Safeway Steel Buildings are Metal Structures that can serve many different purposes.  A Steel Building can provide shelter for a family, security for a warehouse, or keep critical components like water utilities safe from the elements.  The Question of “What are Steel Buildings?”  Really comes down to, what do you want a steel building to be for you?  The structures themselves are completely designed and pre-fabricated to your exact dimensions. So the Metal Buildings are specifically crafted to whatever suites needs. Continue reading

Are Steel Buildings Cheaper Than Wood?

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Are Steel Buildings Really Cheaper Than Wood?

An extremely popular question is, are steel buildings cheaper than wood?  This hotly debated questions has gone on for years and even after this article the argument will live on. The most popular aspect of any argument always comes down to the facts at hand.  So lets us break it down for you: Continue reading

How To Get Started

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Step 1 – Contact Our Expert Building Consultants

Call or Contact our team at 1-800-818-2245 or by filling out an online quote. Our building designers will discuss your ideas, look, and overall budget to determine the right building for you.

Step 2 – Your Estimate

Once you have finalized all your designs with your project manager, you pay a small security deposit to place your building into production. You will get the same feeling as you do when you get the keys to your first home or apartment. It is a great feeling once your hard work starts to become a reality.

Step 3 – Delivery and Erection

The day has finally come! We will deliver your building and start erecting if you opted to go with our Turnkey Solutions. From here your Project Manager is here for you the entire way until completion. If there are ever any issues they can help resolve and answer any questions you may have.

Contact A Steel Building Representative Today!

Why A Steel Building?

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Why A Steel Building?

Steel buildings are one of the most flexible solutions on the market for just about any project. There durable, virtually maintenance free building solutions that come with it over its more popular wood based counterparts. When you design a Metal Building you can look at what you want, well before you spend a single dollar on purchasing supplies. With the ease of erection, you save huge construction costs. Continue reading

First Time Steel Building

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Your Steel Building Experts Are Here To Help

Getting Started With Steel Buildings

At Safeway Steel Buildings we believe your first steel building experience should be seamless and easy. We have a highly trained, dedicated staff ready to assist you every step of the way; from concept to construction, we have you covered! If you have a question our team has the answer. If you have a concept our team can assist you to create the design which best suites your needs. Get started on your project today by calling toll-free at 1-800-818-2245.

Will the Steel Building fit my budget?

Commonly, the first question first time builders ask themselves is, “Can I afford my own steel building?” That is a great question and one our team is ready to help you answer. We suggest our clients collaborate with a member of our in house design team to determine what their needs are for their project; from there our designer can determine the best and most economical design to meet not only your project needs but your budget as well. Give us a call today so we may assist you. 1-800-818-2245.


How Large Should My Building Be?

The variety of options available for first time builders is endless as our buildings are custom designed to meet your specifications. It is not like a bakery where you get cookie cutter buildings for one size fits all. Each unique design provides advantages that are specific to your needs. For most first time builders, we at Safeway Steel Buildings highly recommend taking the time to analyze what you would like to accomplish. The recognizable benefit behind building pre-engineered Safeway Steel Building Systems is the enormous cost savings over traditional construction. Unlike traditional construction, building with steel not only has a lower project cost but it also saves you money for years to come as our steel buildings are virtually maintenance free. Savings can reach up to and beyond 40%. Frequently with our costs savings, our clients can actually afford more than they originally thought possible! Contact us today to see how much we can save you by calling 1-800-818-2245.  

What Are The Advantages?

The Safeway Steel Building Difference

  1. Save Up To 40% or More Off  The Traditional Cost Of Conventional Construction. Very often when clients contact us their primary concern is budget constraints and if they are getting the best price. At Safeway Steel we educate our customers as to the true cost of their project over the entire lifespan of the structure.  This usually includes savings on the steel building, construction, maintenance, insurance and more. Many first time builders focus on finding the most economical pre-engineered steel building for their project because they offer the most square footage. We accommodate both types of clients.  Clients that want a premium well built system and the client looking to maximize square footage on their budget. Either way Safeway Steel Buildings will satisfy your specific need.
  2. Many first-time builders spend time searching for the lowest cost building, this can make it slightly more difficult to pull permits in the long run, pass local IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) requirements or lead to costly on site erection problems. No other company can compete With Safeway Steel Buildings in the industry when it comes to our combination of durability, versatility, curbside appeal.  Safeway Steel Building Solutions are also backed by the best warranties in the United States with “All American Made Steel”.
  3. The Beauty It’s impossible to say where the engineering ends and the true beauty of our design begins. We are dedicated to ensuring even the smallest of issues are resolved. We are unwilling to bargain on our journey to be the #1 Provider of Steel Buildings Worldwide. Thousands of micro adjustments go into the development of Safeway’s building design and it translates to huge cost savings during the erection process.
  4. State Of The Art is the only way we fabricate your buildings.  Our manufacturing facilities only use the highest quality precision machinery available today. This attention to detail has created a fanatical following among our clients when it comes to the quality of pre-engineered buildings. While many competitors are centered on making their product cheap. We think our attention to detail instead of being just another cheap building provider is un-safe and irresponsible. A Company should not only invest in bringing down cost, but also improving the quality of it’s buildings as well. This requires sensible management and that’s what makes our buildings a notch better then the rest.
  5. Excellence In Design Safeway Steel Steel Buildings are not outsourced to third party designers.  Our Buildings are designed by a specially trained, experienced handpicked team of designers. Safeway Steel Buildings re-invests it’s profits back into the company, so that you always get the buildings that are of the highest quality. Our Design team jokes, the buildings should be as easy to build as Legos.

Additional Benefits

In addition to all the added benefits Safeway Steel Buildings provides you as a client of ours.  You also get direct manufacture pricing.  This allows you to cut out the red tape and get the absolute best cost for your building.  With the host of different financing and purchase options available at Safeway Steel Buildings.  There is no better time to buy then now.  Our building designers are waiting to help you with your project today.  Contact us today by calling 1-800-818-2245

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